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Access Control



Symmetry™ Business

Symmetry Business is a cost effective access control solution for smaller applications. Available only in the US and Canada, Symmetry Business uses the EN series controllers and works with Symmetry CompleteView Video Management to provide a complete security solution.

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Building entrance

Symmetry™ Professional

Symmetry Professional Access Control Software is ideal for medium to large enterprise organizations that use a corporate network. Supporting up to 512 card readers and nine clients, it provides alarm management, easy badging and card administration and optional modules, as well as operates with Symmetry CompleteView VMS. Its open architecture allows it to integrate with all Symmetry Preferred Partner solutions providing customers a complete security management system. 


Symmetry™ Enterprise

Symmetry Enterprise Access Control Software is designed for large organizations with complex security requirements.  Whether you have one large building or several facilities located across a campus or the globe, Symmetry Enterprise supports unlimited card readers, card holders and clients, and allows you to control your security from one location. Operating on the network, the software integrates with all Symmetry Preferred Partner solutions, and a full range of optional software modules can enhance the system to meet any security need.

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Symmetry™ Threat Level Manager

Quickly change the level of your security system instantly in response to physical threats. Align security levels with the Homeland Security Advisory System, MARSEC levels or your own company policy to restrict access in emergency situations.  

Threat Level Manager

Symmetry™ Control Desk

Symmetry Control Desk allows Symmetry users to monitor when an alarm comes in and automatically set the video for live footage, as well as recording and playback pre and post event footage simultaneously.  The user sees everything on one screen, providing a fast, efficient method to manage Symmetry.

Monitor setup
Control Desk
Symmetry Web programme open on a laptop

Symmetry™ WEB

SymmetryWEB allows Symmetry users to access the Symmetry Access Control system from a web browser using a computer or mobile device. Users can set up new card holders, assign access codes to card readers/doors, and manage alarms. Access your Symmetry Access Control system from anywhere while lowering your operating costs.


Graphical Map Interfaces

The Graphical Map Interface delivers a highly-visual map to monitor and manage the Symmetry Security Management System. Users can easily see where card readers, cameras, intercoms and other devices are located on the map. Devices change colors depending on status, providing an instant visual of the device’s status.


Security officers can send commands to devices via the map, including arm and disarm alarms and grant access to doors. The simplicity of the interface allows users to be trained quickly. Graphical maps can be used on a tablet or touch-screen PC for mobile use.

Screenshot of a programme
Graphic Map
Wokflow example

Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer is designed to streamline and clarify alarm management processes to ensure alarms are managed promptly according to organizational procedures. The module provides instructions to follow. Security staff answer questions, which, based on the answer,  selects the next pre-determined course of action. All actions are tracked and time stamped. 

Use Workflow Designer to set guidelines or implement mandatory procedures. Workflow ensures security staff follow the correct procedures.

Workflow Designer

Lock Down Triggers 

Lock down of any area in a facility can be easily achieved in a Symmetry system using the powerful trigger command capabilities. Any type of activity can trigger a lockdown: pressing a button on-screen, pushing a panic button, using a certain access card on a reader, a video analytic, a forced door, or anything else.

A lock down can involve locking or unlocking doors, disabling card readers, opening or closing gates or barriers, calling cameras to a preset position and onto a matrix display, locking turnstiles, flashing lights and can control anything else connected to the Symmetry system.

Trigger commands show the real power of a fully integrated system. 

Screenshot of a programme
Lock Down Triggers
Server room

Database Partitioning

Building owners will find Database Partitioning allows them to save money while offering an important security amenity to tenants. A building owner can install Symmetry Access Control, and Database Partitioning allows each tenant to manage their own security. Users can add card holders, respond to alarms and run their own reports. Databases can be segregated via tenant, department or building, depending on the organization's structure.  

Building owners can use use Database Partitioning as a profit center and charge tenants a fee to use Symmetry.

Database Partitioning

Advanced Reporting

Symmetry Advanced Reporting provides end users with the ability to generate customized reports to determine employee activity, alarms, access control event data, or virtually any statistic you would like to audit. Different layouts provide options to create easy to read reports, and a company logo and different colors can be added to match corporate branding. The customized reports are stored in Symmetry for reuse, along with a basic library of standard reports. The module is free of charge and instrumental for organizations needing to meet audit and compliance requirements.

AMAG Professional Services also provides a report writing service. Please contact our Professional Services team to learn more.  

Symmetry reporting example
Advanced Reporting
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