Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management

Operate More Efficiently

Symmetry™ CONNECT Identity Management optimizes internal operations by mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs for organizations.


Automate Manual Processes

Mitigate Risk

Ensures approved identities have access to secure areas per company policies.

Reduce Cost

Reduce operating costs by streamlining on and off-boarding and card management.

Meet Compliance

Companies can schedule audits based on their needs and requirements, and automate the recertification process so they never fall out of compliance.


“Automating the manual process improved efficiencies and saved time and money.”

Jack Jones
Digital Realty, ‎Sr. Technical Director Security

Streamline Manual Processes

What can take days with multiple emails, phone calls, paper forms and physical signatures, can be accomplished in minutes with Symmetry CONNECT, saving time, money and the risk of error.

Optimize Workflows

Correlate identities, behaviors and actions that exist in multiple databases via a simple dashboard.

Self-Service Provisioning

Reduce email and paperwork processes of an organization, speed up the approval process, and improve the experience for the employee.

Automate On and Off Boarding

Align compliance requirements with your organization by automatically adding and removing access based on identity attributes.

Never Fall Out of Compliance

Symmetry CONNECT helps regulated industries such as financial services, electrical power, healthcare and oil and gas maintain compliance.

Complex reporting is simplified by showing who has access, when they have access, who approved it and why.

Reporting satisfies PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP and other audit and compliance demands.

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