Identity Management

Streamline Business Processes

Manage identities and the challenges they pose. Employees, contractors and visitors all bring different challenges to an organization. An identity management system can manage those different identities by helping organizations operate more efficiently, meet compliance requirements, reduce operating costs and mitigate risk.

Meet Compliance

Audit Trails

Identity management systems maintain detailed logs of user provisioning and deprovisioning actions. These audit trails can be crucial for compliance, security investigations, and monitoring user activity. Administrators can easily track who was granted access, when, and why, simplifying reporting and accountability and meeting compliance.

Mitigate Risk

Automate Manual Processes

Identity management systems automate the process of creating, modifying, and deleting user accounts, ensuring that provisioning and deprovisioning tasks are performed consistently and accurately. There's less room for human error, reducing the risk of security breaches due to overlooked access privileges or forgotten deprovisioning.


Streamline Onboarding and Offboarding

When a new employee joins an organization...

identity management systems can quickly set up their accounts, grant appropriate access permissions, and assign roles based on their job requirements, accelerating productivity.

When an employee leaves an organization or no longer needs access to certain resources...

the system can automatically revoke their access. This reduces the risk of former employees retaining access to sensitive data and helps maintain security and compliance.

Reduce Costs

Improve Workflows

HR, IT and security teams often have different policies and operate separate manual, spreadsheet-based systems. Automate administrative tasks with an identity management system and spend less time manually managing user accounts and access permissions. This frees up valuable resources to focus on more strategic tasks and projects.

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When a company can align its security goals with its operational goals, it creates a better business environment overall.