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AMAG Technology™ hardware is manufactured in-house and designed to support emerging technologies, evolving standards and demanding network requirements, securely.


Symmetry M4000 Intelligent Door Controller

The Symmetry™ M4000 intelligent door controller uses an open-source operating system that ensures complete system security, resilience and reliability. When integrated with Symmetry Access Control software, the Symmetry M4000 delivers a seamless security management system, is extremely scalable up to a million cardholders, and the panels communicate with each other to achieve anti-passback while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

Symmetry M2150 Door Controllers

The Symmetry M2150 range of door controllers provides distributed intelligence for your access control system. The modular mix and match configuration delivers a smooth security approach and interoperability between buildings regardless of location.

Symmetry M2150 Intelligent Controller Family

Symmetry EN Edge Network Controllers

The Symmetry EN-1DBC+ and EN-2DBC series is a powerful IP enabled access control edge device which provides advanced functionality to control one or two doors. It is powered by either a local power supply or Power over Ethernet (PoE+), substantially reducing installation cost per door. Fast and simple to install, direct network discovery and programming using Symmetry software provides simplified installation.

Symmetry EN Edge Network Controller Family

Symmetry SR - Your Retrofit Solution

The Symmetry SR series hardware offers the Symmetry controller technology in a form factor that allows installation in unique locations for new and retrofit applications. Utilizing a pluggable backplane architecture, the SR series provides a high-density solution for up to 16 doors in a compact enclosure. This form factor is ideal for upgrading legacy equipment to a state-of-the-art Symmetry solution.

Symmetry SR Controller Family

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