Delivering Solutions for Consultants

Expert Insight and Support for Your Security Solutions

Our Business Development Team helps you design, present, and deliver the advanced security solutions your clients need.


Dedicated Expertise for Your Security Projects

Partnering with You at Every Phase

Your clients rely on you to design the perfect solution for their unique needs. You can rely on AMAG Technology™ experts to help you deliver. Dedicated exclusively to consultants, our industry-leading specialists partner with you in every phase of a project. We function as an extension of your team, completely invested in helping you secure success for your clients, every time.

Comprehensive Support for System Design and Implementation

Whether it’s designing a completely new system or upgrading an existing one, our experts can help you with:

The most current best-practices advice, documentation, and support

Assistance with project design and parameters

Complete, up-to-date product knowledge, A&E specs, and related information for AMAG Technology and our technology partners

Complete pricing information and project cost-estimating

Collaborative support for every aspect of system design

Sales and presentation assistance and participation

Learning materials, training, and other resources both pre- and post-implementation

Collaborative Success with AMAG Technology

Engage with AMAG Technology’s experts to ensure that your client’s security solutions are robust, tailored, and implemented seamlessly. From the initial project design to post-implementation support, we stand with you, offering our expertise and resources to ensure every project is a success.

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