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A Trusted, Reliable Foundation for Safer Learning Environments

Imagine a world where the future of education security isn't just about locking doors but unlocking potential. At AMAG Technology™, we're pioneering this future. Our holistic approach not only safeguards educational institutions but also fosters trust, innovation, and empowerment.


Decades of Partnering with Education

Fostering Peace of Mind in Places That Grow Minds

From elementary schools to sprawling university campuses, every educational institution faces the challenge of ensuring safety. AMAG Technology's integrated solutions prioritize risk management, ensuring a safe, inspirational learning environment. Whether it's access control, video management, or data analytics, AMAG Technology’s Symmetry is your single-source solution for comprehensive education security.


One Platform, Many Advantages

Built In-House:

AMAG Technology's Symmetry platform is tailored in-house, ensuring adaptable solutions with immediate support and upgrades.

Easy Integration and Reduced Costs:

AMAG Technology's Symmetry integrates seamlessly with various technologies, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Visitor Management Made Easy:

Symmetry GUEST streamlines and automates visitor access control, catering to diverse visitor risk levels with real-time data management.

Analytics for Risk Mitigation:

Symmetry's data analysis detects potential threats early, refining risk mitigation through behavior patterns and updated risk scores.

K-12 Solutions

In a world of evolving challenges, from visitor management to vandalism, AMAG Technology's Symmetry ensures that schools remain sanctuaries of learning. As educational needs evolve, Symmetry adapts, ensuring students, staff, and parents focus on what truly matters: education.

Deter Vandalism:

Harness the power of Symmetry CompleteView VMS video management.

Instant Response:

Lock down your facility swiftly during emergencies.

Efficient Management:

Seamlessly manage and rotate cardholders with ease.


Higher Education Solutions

AMAG Technology's Symmetry suite seamlessly integrates with diverse technologies, offering comprehensive security from dormitories to research labs. With simplicity at its core, Symmetry connects multiple campuses, empowering security teams with real-time insights and proactive management tools.

Tailored Access:

Ensure secure access to research labs and sensitive areas.

Streamlined Visitor Management:

Automate and monitor visitor access with precision.

Informed Decisions:

Leverage data analytics for enhanced campus-wide security decisions.

Featured Integrations and Partners

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