Energy and Utilities Solutions

Illuminating a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future

Powering security for some of the world’s leading energy providers, Symmetry™ from AMAG Technology™ lights the way through diverse challenges, ensuring a fortified and sustainable future for your operations. When it comes to energy security, we’re not just current, we’re always generating new solutions.


A Beacon of Unified Security in a Dynamic Industry

Consistently Supporting Reliable Services Amidst Change

The energy and utility landscape is ever-changing, with new energy options, evolving regulations, and growing security threats. Amidst these shifting sands, the demand for consistent, reliable energy service remains constant. AMAG’s Symmetry security management system is your beacon, ensuring a smooth operation through any challenges.

Uniting and Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Weaving through the complexities of disparate infrastructures is a common journey for energy and utility providers. AMAG Technology's Symmetry offers a unified, proven, and reliable solution, anchoring diverse facilities, activities, and personnel under one secure umbrella, while simplifying and streamlining security and visitor management procedures.

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Compliance and Adaptability Through Regulatory Challenges

Symmetry systems are developed to NERC and CIP standards, ensuring your journey through compliance requirements is smooth and steadfast. Meeting critical compliance requirements and federal guidelines, Symmetry ensures your entire system, even the most remote unmanned substations, can be upgraded and unified to stay compliant smoothly and affordably.

Central Command: Responding with Precision and Speed

Symmetry’s chief design principle is to streamline security management. From one screen, your security team can monitor, assess, and control access to any zone or user on the fly. Built and maintained in-house, Symmetry ensures modifications, customizations, upgrades, and updates are part of the package, allowing you to manage every security challenge with precision and speed.


Powerful Features: Your Security Toolkit

One Platform for All Functions:

Manage various systems and control virtually any device from one customizable dashboard with Symmetry’s open platform.

Data Tracking and Analysis:

Enhance threat analysis and security planning with Symmetry’s data capabilities.

Robust and Expandable:

Easily upgrade and accommodate a mix of devices and technologies, ensuring your security is always future-ready.

Featured Integrations and Partners

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Discover how Symmetry and its technology partner solutions can help your facility secure a peaceful journey through the dynamic world of energy and utilities. Click here or contact us to explore how our expertise can enhance your offerings, ensuring your energy and utilities are not just a resource but a powerhouse of stability and security.

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