Healthcare Security Solutions

Safeguarding Healthcare Environments with Adaptive, Compliant Security

In an industry where the safety of patients and data is paramount, Symmetry™ Solutions from AMAG Technology™ provide a strong shield, ensuring not just compliance but a sanctuary for healing and care. Empowering you to succeed, one secure heartbeat at a time.


Nurturing a Secure, Healing Environment

Holistic Security Solutions for Diverse Healthcare Needs

Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management seamlessly integrates a wide array of security technologies, offering a customizable platform to manage access privileges, onboarding and offboarding. Tailor access by individual, group, time of day, or other specific criteria to ensure optimal security across all parameters.

A Pillar of Support in Your Healthcare Journey

From safeguarding sensitive patient data and ensuring HIPAA compliance, to providing a serene and secure environment for patients and staff, Symmetry is the heartbeat of secure healthcare operations, ensuring vitality and stability amidst the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


A Prescription for Robust Visitor Management

Navigating through different visitor risk levels becomes effortless with Symmetry GUEST. Manage access for thousands of visitors daily, ensuring robust credentialing, real-time data management, and visitor access control, all while providing a smooth and straightforward user experience for both visitors and security personnel.

The Heartbeat of Secure, Efficient Operations

Leverage the power of data with Symmetry’s analytical capabilities, providing vital intelligence to identify potential threats. Monitor access history, detect anomalous behavior through “flagging”, and utilize constantly updated risk scores to enhance your risk mitigation strategies, ensuring threats are identified and addressed promptly.


Unified Security Solutions with Diverse Technological Integration

Key Features:

Fingerprint and Card Readers

Hand Scanners

RFID Wristbands

Surveillance Cameras

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Advanced Audio Systems

Intercom Communication

Emergency Panic Buttons

Secure Turnstiles

Featured Integrations and Partners

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Experience the vitality Symmetry can bring to your healthcare facility’s security ecosystem. Connect with us and explore how our solutions can fortify your operations, ensuring a healthy, secure environment for all.

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