Visitor Management

All the Essentials for Welcoming Guests

Understanding who is entering your building is more critical than ever. Know who is entering your building. Visitor management systems allow companies to better protect employees, assets and buildings. Enlist the help of employees to manage visitors, while procuring the data necessary to meet compliance.

Automate the Lifecycle of a Visitor and Save Time

Eliminate manual paper logs, handwriting badges, or tracking down employees when their guest arrives. Visitor management systems provide a proper record of who enters your building and reduce errors and inaccuracies through automated data entry.

Impress Your Visitors

Pre-register visitors and send a welcome email with important information. Guests check in using a QR or barcode. Host employees are notified and can greet their visitors upon arrival.

Improve Business Operations

Visitor management systems help with resource and logistical planning, important on days with a large influx of visitors.

Enforce Company Policies

Uphold procedures by having visitors sign proper policy documents prior to checking in. Deny entry to those on the internal watch-list.


Integrate with Your Access Control System

Automatically sync your visitor's information with your access control system and maintain complete security. Upon check-out, visitors are automatically removed from the system.

Impress Guests, Meet Compliance and Stay Safe



Easily maintain visitor records to recall visitor information when needed.



Generate reports on visitor data for compliance audits, security investigations, and visitor statistics.



In case of emergencies, the system provides up-to-date information on who is on-site, helping with evacuations and accounting for all individuals.

First Impression

First Impression

Your lobby is your first impression and your first line of defense. Impress your visitors with a professional, sleek, modern digital visitor management system while always knowing who is onsite, when and why.

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