AMAG Technology offers Employee Badge in Apple Wallet for Symmetry Access Control Users

AMAG Technology, an Allied Universal Company, today announced they are offering employee badge in Apple Wallet, which enables an organization’s employees to seamlessly and securely gain access to office spaces and amenities with a simple tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch.

“We’re excited to bring employee badge in Apple Wallet to Symmetry Access Control customers, enabling an easy, secure and private way for users to access office spaces with their iPhone or Apple Watch,” said AMAG Technology Vice President of Product Management Roland Fournier. “Administrators and employees will benefit from the quick provisioning and we are excited to offer this exceptionally secure mobile technology to our customers.”

Once an employee badge has been added to Apple Wallet, users can hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near an AMAG Technology Symmetry Blue reader to unlock doors, eliminating the need to open an app or use a physical badge. With Express Mode, users simply hold their device near a reader without needing to unlock or wake their device. If an iPhone needs to be charged, employees can still use their device to access their office or amenity areas with Power Reserve.

Employee badge in Apple Wallet works with AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Wallet platform and integrates with the Symmetry Access Control system. To add an employee badge in Apple Wallet, users are sent an email with a link to authenticate their badge via Symmetry Wallet. AMAG Technology provides a seamless user experience by leveraging unique web provisioning technology to add employee badges to Apple Wallet.

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, security administrators no longer need to print physical cards for employees and can save time by remotely distributing and revoking an employee badge.

Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry Blue readers will continue to support both employee badge in Apple Wallet and physical credentials so organizations can transition from physical to mobile credentials at any time. Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry Blue readers support both credentials simultaneously.

Employee badges in Apple Wallet are stored on a user’s device and take full advantage of the privacy and security built into iPhone and Apple Watch. When an employee uses a badge in Apple Wallet it is never shared with Apple or stored on Apple servers.

For more information, visit or contact an AMAG Technology Sales Representative.

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