AMAG Technology Introduces Symmetry Control Room

AMAG Technology, an Allied Universal Company®, is proud to announce Symmetry Control Room, a command and control software that allows administrators to manage the alarms and events of multiple security systems in real-time from a single monitor. Symmetry Control Room simplifies security management and improves situational awareness by eliminating the need for security administrators to move from one system to another to manage alarms.

“Symmetry Control Room provides dynamic situational awareness for enterprise users needing to manage multiple systems simultaneously,” said AMAG Technology Vice President Product Management, Roland Fournier. “With its exceptional alarm management, adaptable user interface, robust graphical and workflow functionalities, it enhances operational efficiency, fostering greater responsiveness and maximizing return on investment.”

Administrators can quickly add more cameras to view or analyze a situation using the lasso tool. Simply draw the lasso around the desired cameras and choose which monitors to display them. Display the camera feeds on a video wall for total situational awareness to view or track the movements of a situation.

A fluid video overlay allows users to follow an event via video and simultaneously see all other subsystems. Users can bounce to other cameras to follow events or people without knowing the number or names of the cameras. This is key during critical events when every second counts.

Symmetry Control Room can configure complex workflows with instructions to ensure organizations follow proper procedures. Within the workflow, administrators can easily contact key individuals and track responses, which are critical when many alarms occur daily.

A powerful, dynamic shared video wall streams Symmetry Control Room’s dashboards, webpages, PDF files and synoptics of a security system.

Symmetry Control Room is part of the Symmetry Solution Suite, which is comprised of Symmetry Access Control, Symmetry CompleteView Video Management, Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management and Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management.

For more information, visit or contact an AMAG Technology Sales Representative.

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