Designing and Bidding a U.S. Government Project

By Senior Application Engineer, Tom Horgan

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AMAG Technology’s Symmetry SMS platform is fully approved for use when GSA mandated compliance is required.

Designing or bidding access control for US Government facilities can be daunting. There are multiple GSA compliance-related details and terms that need to be completely understood, and applied, both during your conversations / RFI correspondence with the customer and as you work through the project details to prepare your proposal. The AMAG Technology Concept Solution team is a no-cost resource you can use on any project, for design assistance and recommendations.

AMAG Technology offers system design assistance at no cost to Symmetry Authorized Resellers. If you wish to pursue a project involving GSA compliance, or any other project, an AMAG Technology Concept Solutions engineer will work with you through the project proposal life cycle, from receipt of the initial RFQ / RFP, Request for Information submittals and creation of an accurate bill of materials meeting the published requirements. Please consider the AMAG Technology Concept Solutions team as your Subject Matter Expert resource for any projects you are pursuing. Offering this service is in the best interest of both AMAG Technology and the integrator, as it helps ensure project quotes meet the end-user documented requirements.

AMAG Technology’s SMEs can also assist the end-user in the creation of the RFQ / RFP documentation. An AMAG Technology Concept Solutions Engineer will work closely with you to fully understand the desired end results, and make sure your released project documentation correctly identifies all hardware and software to meet your goals. Once you receive the RFQ / RFP responses, the engineer can provide a technical review of each response, verifying the proposal meets your intended specifications. For any technical review of RFQ responses, AMAG Technology requires the proposed cost and submitting company information to be redacted.

AMAG Technology also offers a technical training class specifically for deploying Symmetry as a GSA compliant solution. This class is designed to provide hands-on instruction on all aspects of the approved software and hardware, with specific attention to GSA-required configuration options.

Your AMAG Technology Federal subject matter experts:

Tom Horgan, CSEIP
Senior Application Engineer

Eric Gillet
Application Engineer

Should you have any questions, or require system design assistance, please contact your Sales Representative or the AMAG Technology Concept Solutions team.

Our job is to help you help your customers.

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