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Security today. 2020 new product of the year award
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Security Today New Product of the Year 2020 award

Symmetry Business Intelligence delivers critical information through data analysis to help identify the employees, contractors and other identities that may pose the highest risk to the organization. Each person’s access history and patterns are analyzed and a risk score is assigned and updated over time. Anomalous behavior is flagged, helping identify potential threats, better control access and prevent data theft. Identifying potentially risky behavior, allows earlier detection of potential threats, thereby mitigating risk and reducing the potential cost of an incident. 

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Dashboards provide a real-time visual representation of the movement and trends of people. See a summary of the identities with the highest risk scores as well as more detailed activity each hour of the week.

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Risk Score

Risk scores provide early insight into potential risks when a score rises. Scores are generated based on the reader location, time of day and a user’s access patterns.

Operate Efficiently

Critical alarms are flagged saving time and prioritizing identities with anomalous behavior.

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Use Existing Data

The cloud-based system integrates with and collects data from Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management to evaluate the risk landscape.

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Define risky areas and times to determine the weight of each behavior towards the overall risk score.

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Make Informed Decisions

Evaluate an employee or contractor’s risk score and past activity to determine if access should be granted to sensitive areas.

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