AMAG Releases Symmetry CONNECT and Symmetry GUEST V1.74.21

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By Matt MacIntosh, Product Manager Hosted Solutions, AMAG Technology


The newest Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management version adds the ability to enforce a single active credential and support for marking a credential as inactive or lost.


Single Active Credential:

With the ‘Single Active Credential’ functionality, administrators can allow users to have only one active credential either by credential type or across all card types. This feature ensures that when a new credential is activated, all other credentials associated with the same identity are marked as inactive. This helps organizations to automatically reduce the risk of unused credentials remaining active and usable.


Credential Status Enhancements:

In addition to this, administrators can now mark credentials as either inactive or lost. This feature is useful as it allows them to temporarily disable a credential without having to expire it or mark a credential as lost when reported. These new credential statuses will sync up with Symmetry, marking the credential as forced inactive or forced inactive and lost, thereby allowing the proper alarm to be generated if the credential is used. This enhancement brings credential management in CONNECT more in line with the capabilities found in Symmetry.


Issues Resolved:

  • We have addressed an issue where rotated photos were not uploaded correctly to Symmetry when adding them via the Public API.

  • We have addressed an issue where employee credentials got updated with the same active/inactive dates as the temporary credentials received from Symmetry GUEST.

  • We have addressed an issue where card updates are not processing to Symmetry panels.

  • We have addressed an issue where when proxying an ACR would have incorrect permissions.

  • We have addressed an issue where active audits were displayed in the ACRM screen even though the audits feature was turned OFF.

  • We have addressed an issue where credentials would end up in a stale state if activated after the request has expired.

  • We have addressed an issue where visitor welcome emails were not set when using Gmail or MS Outlook Calendar integration.

  • We have addressed an issue where the identity filter for UDF was not working in conjunction with other filters in IDM.

  • We have addressed an issue where users could not select terminated, expired, or suspended identities as a filter option in connect reports.

  • We have addressed an issue where sync to PACs would default to the legacy card type instead of the selected one when syncing on Access groups only.


Coming Soon…

  • Roles-based approvals

  • Self-registration kiosk enhancements

  • Ability to filter select reports by building


Watch for these enhancements in the next blog.


To learn more about Symmetry GUEST or Symmetry CONNECT, please call 1-800-889-9138.

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