Symmetry CONNECT adds More Access Request Workflow Options and a Way to Manage Unknown Cardholders

By Matt MacIntosh, Product Manager Hosted Solutions, AMAG Technology

The newest versions of Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management add additional workflow options for access requests including access to be able to be approved by only a manager. Also added is the ability to manage unknown cardholders which are cardholders in Symmetry but not in CONNECT.


Additional Access Requests Workflow

Access Request workflows now do not have to have an Access Control Representative Manager (ACRM) or Access Control Representative (ACR) as part of the workflow allowing several possible options that were not possible before. These include workflows where the identities manager has to approve but no one else, or simply an option where identities must request access but no one must approve it, making it so it is assigned once requested. Access that is part of workflows with no ACRM or ACR will be shown as unmanaged as no identity will directly own the access and with such this access will not be auditable.


Ability to Manage Unknown Cardholders

The unknown cardholder widget in Symmetry CONNECT displays cardholders that are in the access control system but not linked to an identity in CONNECT. This widget has been updated to allow for cardholders displayed to be imported as non-employees or deleted directly from CONNECT no longer requiring this to be handled in the access control system. When importing the unknown cardholder any access or credentials they have assigned to them in Symmetry will be imported with the identity.


Coming Soon…

  • Ability to re-enable onboarding in Symmetry CONNECT

  • Support for Multiple Managers

  • Ability to configure screen configurations by the identity type


Watch for these enhancements in the next blog.


To learn more about Symmetry GUEST or Symmetry CONNECT, please contact AMAG’s Business Development team or call 1-800-889-9138.


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