Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 v5.1.1 Now Available

The latest version of CompleteView 20/20 includes extensive camera support, improved scalability, and updates to analytics integrations.


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Camera Support

With CompleteView 20/20 v5.1.1, support for over 300 additional new cameras has been added. Visit our website for a list of supported cameras.


Enhancements to better manage and securely access higher channel count, distribute camera systems across your enterprise with CompleteView 20/20.

  • Search and Sort: Easily search and sort cameras, servers, views, maps, and users in CompleteView 20/20. The Enterprise edition includes the ability to sort by regions.

  • Security: Secure TLS communication is now used between all components of CompleteView 20/20.

  • Push Update: Perform a one-button update of all servers across the enterprise from a single client as long as servers are v4.8.2 or newer.

  • Active Directory: CompleteView 20/20 Enterprise Edition now supports Nested Active Directory and Universal Groups.

Integration with BriefCam

Take advantage of advanced video analytics with the BriefCam integration.

  • Accelerate Investigations: Review hours of video in minutes and rapidly pinpoint objects of interest.

  • Attain Situational Awareness: Leverage advanced analytics for real-time notifications to balance sensitivity and accuracy.

  • Derive Operational Intelligence: Derive quantitative insights for operational efficiency and data-driven decision making.

Contact your RSM for more information.

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