What’s Happening in the Symmetry Partner Program?

AMAG is excited to announce new members of the Symmetry Partner Program and several updates to existing integrations with Symmetry Access Control V9, providing customers with more choices than ever when they choose Symmetry.


Symmetry Preferred Partner



BioConnect has renewed their certification, which integrates their biometric management software with Symmetry V9.1. BioConnect uses Suprema’s BioStar SDK to manage Suprema biometric devices. Using the BioConnect software to integrate into Symmetry, cardholders are synced automatically either on a timed basis or via a manual full sync. Once the Symmetry cardholders have been imported into BioConnect, their biometric data can be enrolled in the system and authenticated at the reader where the biometric information is stored. Supported features include:

  • Biometric only mode

  • Card + biometric mode

  • Card only mode



AMAG welcomes Waltz to the Symmetry Partner Program. Waltz is a cloud-based mobile credentialing application that enables users to use their mobile devices to access doors. The Waltz app generates an encrypted QR code that can be scanned by a Waltz reader to provide a convenient and secure solution to access control. The Waltz Symmetry V8.1 integration uses Data Connect and Database Views to extract information from Symmetry and transfer it to the Waltz data center using a secure VPN. Supported features include:

  • Access code access rights

  • Cardholder access

  • Multiple companies

  • Reader/reader group access rights

  • Visitor Access

  • Unique cardholder enrollment through email verification


Avigilon has certified their Control Center 7 VMS product and recertified Control Center 6 with Symmetry V9.1. Avigilon’s video management interface, Control Center, when integrated with Symmetry, will allow recorders and cameras connected to the Avigilon system to be added to Symmetry. Integrated cameras can be controlled from the Symmetry command center and live video streams can be viewed within the Symmetry virtual matrix. Symmetry users can seamlessly utilize integrated devices for trigger commands, scheduled commands, and predefined commands. In addition to this, Symmetry users can view recorded videos from the Avigilon recorder in the Symmetry video playback screen. Supported features include:

  • Symmetry alarms trigger camera events in the Avigilon System via the alarm gateway

  • PTZ Control

  • Integrated activity reports

  • Control cameras from Symmetry command center

  • Graphical maps

  • Identity verification


AMAG welcomes Dirak, a company that develops, manufactures, and sells innovative components for enclosure construction, to the partner program. Dirak has certified its E-Line of mechatronic locks for enclosures against Symmetry V9.1 and V8.1. The Dirak lock can be connected to a Symmetry node via a Wiegand connection and can be powered over the reader port, eliminating the need for an external power supply. The integration supports:

  • Mifare Classic cards, iClass cards and more

  • Card+pin access

  • Duress mode


Verint has recertified their EdgeVR VMS platform against Symmetry V9.1. The Verint EdgeVR integration enables integrated cameras to be added to Symmetry, where they can be used to view live video in the Symmetry virtual matrix. End users can search for recorded video and view it within the Symmetry video playback screen. Symmetry users can export recorded video using the Symmetry interface, which can then be viewed using Verint’s playback software. Users get the following benefits:

  • Use of PTZ controls and presets

  • View video in fast or slow motion

  • Quick access to video via bookmarks

  • Graphical maps

  • Identity verification


Traka has recertified their key cabinet product Traka WEB against Symmetry V9.1. Traka WEB is a key management system that enables users to manage a Traka key cabinet from a remote browser interface. With this integration, Symmetry users can sync cardholders between systems and manage access rights.

  • Card+Pin

  • Automatic activation of cardholders at the key cabinet


SMI Global

SMI Global has recently certified their MobileID integration with Symmetry v9.1. The new integration no longer requires the use of the XML Open Integration Module, instead, relying on the use of Data Connect and the new Symmetry Database Views. The integration pulls cardholder data, cardholder images and cardholder access rights into the SMI system where they can then be authenticated using the SMI mobile application, which is housed on an Android mobile device capable of RFID reading. The integration supports the following features:

  • Cardholder cards and Visitor cards

  • Symmetry access rights including access codes, reader groups and readers

  • Multiple cards per cardholder

  • Multiple Companies

AMAG Technology offers a diverse unified security solution that encompasses access control, video management, identity management, visitor management, incident management, command and control, and mobile solutions to provide a powerful system that will allow businesses to effectively secure their facilities and increase the efficiency of their operations. Symmetry users can mitigate risk and meet compliance with the use of the AMAG suite of security solutions and partner products.


For more information about the Symmetry Partner Program visit https://www.amag.com/partners.


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