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Symmetry CompleteView delivers an open, user-friendly video management system with simple deployment and scalability for security needs of all sizes. It operates as a stand-alone system or as part of a global enterprise when integrated with the Symmetry platform for a unified solution. Symmetry CompleteView supports analog, megapixel IP and hybrid designs, and provides a seamless transition from analog to IP cameras protecting your investment. 

Symmetry CompleteView Bi-Directional Interface
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Powerful and easy to use Web Client

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Dynamic Resolution Scaling optimizes bandwidth to get the best possible image quality while using the lowest possible bandwidth

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ONVIF compliant

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Supports Mandarin and Spanish for Desktop Client, Web Client and Video Player

Robust VMS Tools

Symmetry CompleteView delivers powerful tools to simplify video management. Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) ensures that bandwidth is optimized to get the best possible image quality. GeoView instantly creates layouts of cameras on the fly, allowing live monitoring personnel to follow suspects easily. Users can create Custom Tabs from individual cameras and view layouts that enable operators to switch between the most important cameras and views more quickly. Easily search for events, cameras, and other activities by typing keywords into a search box, and instantly narrow down events, cameras, and views to the keywords. Furthermore, with the rise in remote work, Salient’s differentiated bandwidth management solutions allow users to securely access video regardless of their location, network connection, or client device without any additional cost or complexity.

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CompleteView Mobile

CompleteView on mobile device.

Manage CompleteView from the palm of your hand from anywhere. Easily and instantly access live video, playback and export recorded video, and control cameras with PTZ functions from an iOS phone with Symmetry CompleteView Mobile. Securely stream audio and video from any analog or IP cameras, encoders, and NVRs connected to the CompleteView recording server. Access Views and Maps from the CompleteView Management Server and view video streams directly from image and satellite maps. See video the way you want. Robust search capabilities help find what is needed. Take snapshots and email them and export video onto the mobile device.




Choose from a wide range of Symmetry PowerProtect Network Video Recorders (NVR) engineered for continuous access and durability. The Symmetry PowerProtect range of NVRs supports IP cameras as well as directly connected analog cameras simultaneously as a hybrid solution. This capability offers users the option to migrate from existing analog cameras to IP cameras over time, without purchasing third party encoder hardware or repurchasing camera software licenses. Symmetry PowerProtect NVRs arrive with Symmetry CompleteView video software pre-installed with system OS tuned to run optimally as a video surveillance platform decreasing installation and configuration time in the field. In addition, always keep the Symmetry CompleteView software current when purchasing the PowerProtect NVRs from AMAG as yearly software upgrades come at no additional cost for the length of the NVR warranty (3 or 5 years).