Symmetry CompleteView

The NEW Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 delivers an open, user friendly VMS with simple deployment and scalability for security needs of all sizes. With a newly designed intuitive user interface, it operates as a stand-alone system or as part of a global enterprise integrated with the Symmetry platform for a unified solution. The user friendly, feature rich software offers Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) that automatically scales the video transmission based on viewing window size in the client to minimize bandwidth usage in support of centralized remote monitoring. Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 supports analog, megapixel IP and hybrid designs, and provides a seamless transition from analog to IP cameras protecting your investment.


Choose from a wide range of Symmetry PowerProtect Network Video Recorders (NVR) engineered for continuous access and durability. The Symmetry PowerProtect range of NVRs supports IP cameras as well as directly connected analog cameras simultaneously as a hybrid solution. This capability offers users the option to migrate from existing analog cameras to IP cameras over time, without purchasing third party encoder hardware or repurchasing camera software licenses. Quickly and accurately design your video system using AMAG’s  Symmetry CompleteView Design Tool Wizard. The Symmetry CompleteView Design Tool Wizard is available to provide the best NVR options to satisfy the requirement as entered. Symmetry PowerProtect NVRs arrive with Symmetry CompleteView video software pre-installed with system OS tuned to run optimally as a video surveillance platform decreasing installation and configuration time in field. In addition, always keep the Symmetry CompleteView software current when purchasing the PowerProtect NVRs from AMAG as yearly software upgrades come at no additional cost for the length of the NVR warranty (3 or 5 years)."

TouchView MOBILE

Symmetry TouchView is a range of mobile applications enabling users to view Symmetry CompleteView on their mobile device. Symmetry TouchView combines the power of Symmetry CompleteView Video Management software with the freedom of mobile to provide users access to live video, recorded video and PTZ camera control from a powerful, fully integrated interface. Users can instantly access, monitor and review live and recorded video from any camera connected to a Symmetry CompleteView recording server in the system. 


Symmetry GuardStation QUAD is a purpose built video client workstation providing top performance for demanding security control room deployments.  Save time and money as Symmetry GuardStation QUAD comes pre-loaded with Symmetry CompleteView client software and ViewPoint screen monitoring software. Simplify tasks and increase operator productivity as Symmetry GuardStation QUAD supports up to 4 individual high definition display monitors.


Symmetry CompleteView ViewPoint works in conjunction with Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System to display and record a targeted computer’s desktop or attached webcam. The solution is perfect for monitoring security guard activity as well as employees working with sensitive information on their computers. Up to eight desktop monitors or webcams may be displayed and recorded from a single PC. 

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