Next versions of Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management and Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management Released

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By Matt MacIntosh, Product Manager Hosted Solutions, AMAG Technology


The newest Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management version (v1.71.00) adds the ability to associate multiple managers with an identity, in addition to several bug fixes.


Support for Multiple Managers

The Symmetry IDM now allows up to three managers to be linked with one identity. This feature enables the creation of a hierarchy of identities, where higher-level managers, like department or division managers, have visibility and control over all the identities they supervise. Additionally, this update permits identities beyond the direct manager to be utilized in making workflow decisions regarding access requests, credential requests, and visit approvals. For instance, although the team lead is the direct manager for an identity, access decisions must be approved by the department manager.


Key Issues Resolved:

  • ZD190883 – We have addressed an issue where Identity Photos were not appearing on Visits in GUEST if the Identity was subject to Expiry or Suspension.

  • ZD191134 – We have addressed inconsistencies with Access Group Sync Statuses displaying as Synced when set for future Activation.

  • ZD190353 – We have addressed an issue where Resync Integrations was not processing all affected Identities and Cardholders.

  • We have resolved an issue where deleting the identity’s primary photo was not updating Symmetry with the correct identity photo.

  • We have resolved an issue where the Visit Approval screen was showing the host’s building instead of the building where the visit was taking place.

  • Resolved an issue where the Public API returned a 404 Not Found error when calling the accessgroupbyname operation, and the access group contained a slash “/.”

Coming Soon…

  • Support for Passport scanning in GUEST

  • Ability to enforce a single active credential

  • Roles-based approvals

Watch for these enhancements in the next blog.


To learn more about Symmetry GUEST or Symmetry CONNECT, please call 1-800-889-9138.


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