New Integrations Released in the Symmetry Partner Program

AMAG announces one new integration and two updates to the Symmetry Partner Program for Symmetry v9.1, providing customers with more choices than ever before when they choose Symmetry.


Symmetry Preferred Partner



Magos’ radar detection integration, MASS, has been certified for Symmetry v9.1. MASS is a radar detection system capable of raising alerts based on suspicious activity in a pre-defined area called an alarm zone. The integration is able to import alarms into Symmetry whenever an alarm zone, defined in MASS, enters the alarm state indicating that a radar has detected suspicious activity. The priority of alarms imported from each individual alarm zone can be customized in MASS.

  • Imports alarms into Symmetry

Angus Systems

Angus’ cloud-based visitor management system, Angus Anywhere, has been updated for Symmetry v9.1. The integration is able to import visitors from Angus Anywhere into Symmetry and facilitate cardholder transactions from 3rd party systems. The integration also imports arriving time, departing time and active status for visitors. The facility code used for visitors can be configured in the Angus interface and the integration can also import any predetermined access code.

  • Assign access rights to visitors

  • Imports visitors into Symmetry



Idemia has updated their MorphoManager integration to support their universal biobridge adapter with Symmetry v9.1. The integration enables Symmetry cardholders to enroll their biometric data and gain access using a Morpho series biometric reader. Symmetry cardholders are automatically synced to the Idemia database using a combination of database views and data-connect. The sync interval can be configured to run at a specific time of day for a pre-determined period. To determine which cardholders should be synced, Symmetry access codes can be mapped to Morpho user distribution groups. Only cardholders with a mapped access code are synced to MorphoManager. Cardholder biometric data is enrolled using the BioBridge enrollment client. Once biometrics are enrolled the integration will support several different modes of access such as card only, biometric only, card or biometric and card + biometric.

  • Biometric only mode

  • Card + Biometric mode

  • Card only mode

  • Encode biometric to card

AMAG Technology is dedicated to providing its customers with an open, powerful security system that will effectively secure their facilities while reducing repetitious labor through workflow automation. Symmetry users can mitigate risk and meet compliance with AMAG’s comprehensive suite of security solutions and partner integrations. Reach out to your local salesperson today to learn more about AMAG’s end-to-end Symmetry security solution.


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