AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry Access Control V9.5


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AMAG Technology released Symmetry Access Control V9.5. Several new enhancements are included in this release.


Secure Network Messaging – The TCP Network Messages sent between the Symmetry Server and Clients have been improved using a lightweight authentication security mechanism.


Local System Authentication Removed – The Symmetry services now use Windows Authentication only (domain or local user accounts) to communicate with SQL Server.


The Symmetry Server installer can still use SQL Authentication when connecting to SQL Server to create the Symmetry databases during the installation of the Symmetry Server component. If upgrading a Symmetry component that used a local system (SQL authentication), the option to use either local or domain Windows authentication will be present.


Symmetry Client Installer Update – Optional Client Service – The Symmetry Client install now presents an option to install the client service if required. When upgrading a Symmetry Client to Symmetry 9.5, if the installer detects components configured in Symmetry that require a client service, it will not be possible to remove the client service until those components are removed.


Muster Reports to Email – Muster reports can now be configured to output to an email address. The processing of the email report is done at the Symmetry server, meaning that if the muster client is offline, the email will still be sent.


VMWare Horizon (Official Support) – Use Symmetry Concurrent User Client licenses with updated documentation.


LDAP Authentication Module is now available by default in the Symmetry Client without the need to add a license.


Personal Data Fields can now accept up to 100 characters (extended from 40).


The Redesigned Symmetry About screen makes it easier to determine if a Symmetry system is HSE or Standard edition.


Symmetry has been updated to use .NET 4.8, and the latest 2022 VC++ runtime libraries. When installing or upgrading to Symmetry 9.5, a reboot will be required after the installation of the updated .NET components if they are not already present. The installer will prompt for a reboot if required, and the Symmetry installation can be continued once the system reboot is completed.


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