Change is not an Option

AMAG has gone through quite a transformation over the past four years.

In every situation, there needs to be a compelling event or reason to change or else you cannot define your vision. The security industry has so many great technology companies, but how does a company truly change?


First, root yourself in Values. AMAG’s values are:

  • Act with Integrity and Respect

  • We are passionate about Safety Security and Service excellence

  • We achieve this thru Innovation and Teamwork

All employees live by these values every day.


Second, define WHY. We believe WHY we do what we do is the core to how we become our client’s trusted advisor. Our WHY is Mitigate Risk, Reduce Cost and Ensure Compliance.


Our client’s challenges stem from operational inefficiencies. Traditional solutions are point solutions designed to solve a singular problem. We challenged ourselves to think beyond securing the door or providing video surveillance in a traditional sense of software, hardware and cameras. We dove deeper into WHY our client’s use these tools, and we found they are central to help mitigate risk, reduce cost and ensure compliance. We came to this conclusion through extensive partnering with our end user clients, sitting side by side with their officers, administrators, auditors, departmental heads and leadership teams to identify their operational gaps. Then we chartered a path forward to invest in our technology stack and people to address these challenges.


Third, we changed our business model. We changed how we engage our partners in the industry, our technology roadmap and end users to find a new way forward. It is a continuous effort of change and more importantly, hiring and surrounding the company with people who BELIEVE in the change. Conviction in the vision is paramount. Everyone must buy into the process or progress cannot be made.


AMAG has traditionally been viewed as only an access control manufacturer, but today we are a complete end-to-end open solution provider. Access Control, Video Surveillance, Visitor Management, Identity Management, Incident and Case Management, Mobile solutions with intelligent data analytics – we are the only company in the industry to offer this full range of solutions. Our entire solution of hardware, software and hosted solutions with available API’s will drive an open standard with automated operational efficiencies that our competitors have yet to match. By developing our own hardware, software and hosted solutions, we are able to ensure quality, long-term support and nimble long-term partnerships.


Photo of AMAG Technology President, Kurt Takahashi

We provide further value to the market due to our industry expertise gained by our parent company G4S, the largest security company in the industry. This expertise further drives our technology stack by combining the domain experience of our officers, our risk consulting experts and the needs of the integrator. When put together, the Integrated Security Solution is unmatched in the industry, putting together the best in people, technology and operations to help our partners Mitigate Risk, Reduce Cost and Ensure Compliance.


By AMAG Technology, President, Kurt Takahashi


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