Designing and Bidding a Government Project

By Senior Application Engineer, Tom Horgan

Designing or bidding on a government project can be much different than a commercial project. GSA mandates the use of an approved solution when specific functionality is required. While the AMAG Symmetry System is fully approved for use in these situations, only specific card readers, controllers and software may be utilized.

Photo of Senior Application Engineer, Tom Horgan

If you are designing or bidding on a government project, please carefully review the bid document for the following acronyms: FICAM, HSPD-12, FIPS 201-1, FIPS 201-2, FIPS 201-3, and TWIC. If any of these items are listed, please make sure to involve the AMAG Federal Government team for assistance in bidding on the project.

Each of the above-listed acronyms have very specific hardware and software requirements mandated by GSA. The AMAG government team is fully aware of these requirements and stays current with the changing requirements.

AMAG offers system design assistance at no cost to Symmetry Authorized Resellers. It is in the best interest of both AMAG and the integrator to ensure project quotes meet the end-user documents requirements to ensure accurate pricing and product specifications are met.

AMAG will also assist the end-user in the creation of the Request for Quote (RFQ) documentation. We will make sure your documentation correctly details the hardware and software required to meet your expectations. Once you receive the RFQ responses, AMAG can provide a technical review of each response, verifying the proposal meets your intended specifications. For a technical review of RFQ responses, AMAG requires the project cost and submitting company information to be redacted.

AMAG also offers a technical training class specifically for deploying Symmetry as a GSA compliant solution. This class is designed to provide hands-on instruction on all aspects of the approved software and hardware, with specific attention to GSA-required configuration options. Check out the FICAM Training Program and FICAM Quoting Guide. Please contact me with questions or to get started with the class.

Your AMAG Federal Team

Tom Horgan, Senior Application Engineer, Mid-Atlantic Region and Federal Government

Tom Moro, Regional Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region and Federal Government


Should you have any questions, or require system design assistance for Federal projects, please contact either Tom Horgan or Tom Moro. Our job is to help you help your customer.


FICAM Training Program

FICAM Quoting Guide


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