AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry Access Control v9.4.51


AMAG Symmetry Access Control

AMAG Technology has released Symmetry v9.4.51. Several new features and enhancements are included in this release some of which are highlighted below. Please see the full release notes for a complete list of changes and fixes. You can find the release notes on the Software Download Portal which you can access from the AMAG Partner Site.


Symmetry Operating System Support

Microsoft Windows Server 2022, and Windows 11 are now officially supported.



Several Client Preference options have been moved to a new user preferences screen, which applies to the current user regardless of the client used. The Symmetry online help has been updated to reflect these changes. When upgrading from a previous Symmetry release, any client setting that has changed to a user setting will automatically revert to its default value.


Cardholders and Visitors

Support has been added for visitor sign-in/out to the XML open integration module.


The Locator window has been updated for cardholders and visitors, providing new “Location” and “Category” fields, which display location and category information configured on the reader definition screen. New fields can be displayed by using the context (right-click) menu on the Locator list, which is also available on the Identity – Locator screen.


Transaction Description Alignments

A number of older transaction descriptions have been replaced throughout Symmetry removing device-specific references to create a single common transaction description. For example “Granted Access” will now be displayed replacing “(M4000) Granted Access.” Any historical transactions generated before an upgrade will remain unchanged, but any transactions generated after the upgrade will align with the new descriptions.


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Updates

The installer has been updated to remove the website that was registered in IIS, and the ActiveX components that used to automatically download as part of the initial browser connection to the server. This removes identified security vulnerabilities. The method of setting up RDS access has been modernized, utilizing updated RDS technologies available in supported Windows Server operating systems.


Email Profiles

The restriction on the number of characters allowed in the “To” field has been removed, enabling the entry of any number of email addresses within a single profile. New “cc” and “Bcc” fields have also been added.


A new modal dialog is available from the Email Profile screen allowing multiple recipient email addresses to be more easily viewed and managed.


All areas using Email Profiles, such as Alarm Reporting / Definitions have been modified to take account of these changes (with the exception of Workflows).


In certain areas of Symmetry, a dialog is shown before an email being sent, such as when running an Activity Report with a Destination of Email. A “Refresh” button is now available in this dialog, allowing the current email recipients to be replaced with those from the selected Email Profile.


Symmetry Intercom Integration SDK

A new Symmetry Intercom Integration SDK is available that empowers manufacturers, integrators and programmers to join with the Symmetry family of products. Symmetry “plugins” can be created to enable new integration features. The SDK includes a new Symmetry Intercom Integration document and provides a code example.


Symmetry M4000

Users can now disable Door Forced and Door Held Open alarms from being generated on the M4000 for up to 24 hours. This can be achieved using commands, threat levels and graphics commands. Requires user permissions and Firmware v1.8 or later.


Camera Licence Enhancements

Symmetry CompleteView cameras no longer require a camera license in Symmetry when minimum requirements are met with v9.4.9 Symmetry using CompleteView v6.1.1 and plugin v9.4.1.


Support added for Suprema FaceStation FSF2

Updates to the Symmetry configuration window for the IP Biometric Enrolment client port discovery screen include a new refresh button and device colors indicating when a reader is registered in another system, registered with Symmetry or ready to be installed in Symmetry.


Added the ability to enroll a cardholder faceprint in the biometric enrolment screen, and additional Symmetry card and PIN support for the readers.


For data privacy, the biometric enrollment screen now shows a representation of the fingerprint template by default. The real image of a fingerprint may be displayed by checking a checkbox on the screen. The checkbox is only visible if the user has been granted permission.


Autonomous Locks

The ASSA Abloy integration now supports up to 2048 locks per DSR. (See the updated Symmetry Autonomous Locks Guide for more information).


The Allegion lock integration now supports Schlage LE(B) and NDE(B) version locks and provides ‘Passthrough’ functionality allowing cardholder access when Privacy mode is on.


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