What’s Happening in the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program

Several new companies have joined the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program or updated integrations with the latest Symmetry Access Control V9, providing customers more choices when they choose Symmetry.


AMAG Technology welcomes Idesco Oy to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. Idesco Oy’s 8 CD 2.0 reader operates with Symmetry Access Control V9 to provide users with a durable, customizable and energy-saving MifareⓇ DESfire reader. With 30 years of experience, Idesco provides readers with high durability ratings and protection classes, and some of the widest temperature areas in the market. Idesco provides a variety of different reader types including with or without keypad, or with a display and keypad. Idesco Oy also provides EPC readers for longer identification distances, with guaranteed durability in harsh environments.


Johnson Controls

AMAG is pleased to welcome Johnson Controls to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. Johnson Controls’ victor Video Management System (VMS) integrates with Symmetry Access Control V9. Both AMAG and Johnson Controls have tested and approved the certification. Victor Video Management System allows users to manage live and recorded video streamed from a Network Video Recorder. It also doubles as a physical security identity management system and can import cardholders and objects from Symmetry. Some supported features:

  • Victor Video Management System chooses which alarms and events are synced across from Symmetry, reducing network impact.

  • Automatically configure synchronization of cardholders, objects, events and alarms at predetermined frequency.

  • Supports bidirectional alarm management


Video Insight

Video Insight has renewed its certification to integrate its Video Insight 7 Video Management software with Symmetry Access Control V9. Customers can:

  • Define VI servers and cameras in Symmetry Access Control

  • Stream live video from VI cameras using the Symmetry virtual matrix

  • Stream recorded video on the VI server to the Symmetry video playback screen

  • Add VI cameras connected to the server to Symmetry using bulk import



Exacq and AMAG together certified the integration between exacqVision’s Video Management System and Symmetry Access Control V9 software. Exacq is a veteran member of the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program and now customers can easily upgrade to V9 without interruption. Some supported features include:

  • View live video from exacqVision cameras on the Symmetry virtual matrix screen

  • PTZ support

  • Stream recorded video on the Symmetry video playback screen

  • Manage video alarms and events in Symmetry

AMAG Technology offers a powerful and diverse unified security platform that encompasses intrusion management, access control, video management, identity management, visitor management, incident and case management, and command and control to provide a consumable, flexible system which allows businesses to effectively secure their facilities, transform their operations and meet compliance.


Symmetry Preferred Partner

To learn more about the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program, visit www.amag.com/partners.

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