Virtual Interoperability Demo of PLAI Specification Set for May 20, 2020

Recognizing that travel will be limited for most industry professionals for the coming months, the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) has decided to bring the PLAI Experience to you. On Wednesday, May 20, the PSIA will host a Virtual PLAI Experience which will demonstrate the value of its Physical Logical Access Interoperability (PLAI) specification to the market. Eight partner companies in access control and biometrics, including AMAG Technology, will showcase a cloud-based PLAI agent connecting five PACS systems and two biometric systems relying on a single trusted source.

Virtual PLAI Experience

The demonstration will be conducted on a webinar platform which can show not only the main PLAI dashboard with products synchronizing identity data, but also each participant’s product performing after card authentication. Each product will be in a separate location, with companies in Europe and the United States included.

David Bunzel, PSIA Executive Director, noted, “The PSIA recognized that our planned demonstration for ISC West was also ready to be shown virtually. We can take advantage of some of the video platforms that are rapidly becoming part of business today to demonstrate PLAI to a broad group of customers and security industry professionals. “

Security industry professionals interested in participating in this event can register online for the Virtual PLAI Experience up until May 15, 2020.

Identity management and interoperability tools like PLAI are becoming more important considerations for the security industry. Industry publication Security Technology Executive declares interoperability “The Next Great Phase of Physical Access Control.” expounds on the predicted demand for PACS interoperability by saying, “Open protocols, standards and industry-accepted conformant products that focus on unbridled interoperability between manufacturers and vendors will be critical as advanced technology, such as analytics and ancillary devices, enter the realm of physical security and access control.”

For more information:
David Bunzel, PSIA Executive Director, 1.650-938-6945, or Kim Rahfaldt, Director of Media Relations at

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