Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 5.1 Now Available

AMAG Technology releases Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 5.1 which includes several new feature-rich enhancements that create efficiencies in any security program.

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Failover: Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 version 5.1 introduces the N+1 failover model to support the redundancy of recording servers. Standby recording servers can be configured to act as an N+1 redundancy server to any given number of primary recording servers. When a primary recording server fails, its functionality will be transferred to its assigned standby server and all server operations continue without interruption. All video and event data are captured by the standby server during the downtime and are available for user access from the Symmetry Completeview desktop client. All live and event monitoring from the Symmetry CompleteView desktop client will continue without requiring any manual interventions. Once the failed video server is restored, an Administrator can manually restore the original primary server. Camera licenses are needed for standby servers. All standby servers need the same number of camera licenses as the primary server with the most camera licenses that might failover to them. Failover is only available with the Enterprise edition.


Video Wall: From the Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 version 5.1 desktop video client, users can push and display cameras, views, and maps to remote video monitors so the content may be seen by others in a monitoring facility or elsewhere when using the Video Wall feature. Create flexible video wall layouts and control access to users and groups. Video Wall is only available with the Enterprise edition.


H.265: Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 version 5.1 adds H.265 compression streaming support with Axis, HikVision, Arecont, TrueVision, Panasonic and EverFocus cameras, improving efficiency.


ONVIF: Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 version 5.1 supports ONVIF media profile S, including the configuration of video streaming, PTZ, event handling, and device discovery. ONVIF supports AMAG’s commitment to providing open solutions and gives customers the flexibility to pick and choose which cameras to use without being locked into one manufacturer.


360 Panoramic (fisheye) camera with DRS: Expanded support for Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) intelligent bandwidth management technology, reduces bandwidth consumption and client side system processing requirements, with the remote viewing of panoramic (fisheye) cameras from Axis, ACTi, Bosch, ImmerVision and Hikvision.


Please see Symmetry CompleteView™ v5.1 Supported Hardware List for a complete list of cameras that integrate with Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 video.


For more information, contact your RSM. Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 v5.1 software installers and supporting documents are now available on the AMAG Partner Website.

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