Symmetry Business Intelligence V1.2 Released

AMAG Technology recently released version 1.2 of Symmetry Business Intelligence, our new data analytics application used to track anomalous access control activity and flag cardholders who present the highest potential risk to an organization.


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The latest release introduces several important new features including:


Suspicious Activity: A new dashboard shows unusual or suspicious events which require additional scrutiny by security. A good example of suspicious activity is where the same card is used in two geographically separated regions (e.g. New York and San Francisco) within an unreasonable short amount of time. The system will flag this activity as a possible cloned card, prompting the security team to take action.   


Building Occupancy: The analytics solution now provides a detailed analysis of facility occupancy and traffic, allowing the organization to see daily trends such as what times of the day certain areas have a high traffic flow and when people are entering a building. Understanding the usage of a facility allows an organization to make better decisions regarding cleaning schedules and building management functions such as HVAC usage. 


Contact your Regional Sales Manager for an online demonstration.  

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