Customer Profile: Total Security Protection

Total Security Protection (TSP) — AMAG’s top-performing reseller in the United Kingdom — has built a reputation for using the latest technology along with delivering high installation standards, outstanding customer service and follow-up.


Customer Profile: focus on Total Security Protection


Both AMAG and TSP align closely on value propositions. Each company helps clients mitigate risk, ensure compliance and meet operational requirements while reducing costs. Both believe in supporting not only their customer’s security goals, but also their business goals to help streamline processes to improve the overall bottom line.


TSP works closely with AMAG to support large enterprise-level clients in the data center market. With over 28 years of experience working within the data center sector, TSP is the preferred security provider for 14 leading data centers, stretching across four continents and 21 countries.


To support such a robust customer base, TSP employs highly skilled and certified engineers to ensure a seamless installation for their clients. In addition to being a Symmetry Authorized Reseller, which means they are certified to install Symmetry, many installation and technical engineers hold certifications in MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts), Cisco, Data Centre Virtualization Environments (Network & Server) and SQL Scripting.


TSP understands the value Symmetry brings to the client, and considers it one of the seven core data center security technologies. The total solution, including access control, video management, identity management and audio provides a complete security system from one company.


But the support doesn’t stop once Symmetry is installed. Infact, it’s just getting started. TSP provides top tier support and maintenance services throughout the life of a Symmetry Security Management System, and can support clients nationwide and internationally. This is another synergy between AMAG and TSP where the customer wins.


Customers know that when they team up with TSP and AMAG, they will get first-class design, implementation and support, along with a robust and future-proof security management system.


Visit for more information or call (+44) 01923 22 88 66. Visit to learn more about AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System or call (+44) (0)1684 85 09 77.

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