AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry CONNECT and Symmetry GUEST V1.81.00

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By Matt MacIntosh, Product Manager Hosted Solutions, AMAG Technology

The newest Symmetry CONNECT Identity Management version improves the transparency of access requests done on behalf of other identities.

Access Request Enhancements
The process of requesting access on behalf of another identity has been made more transparent for all parties involved. Access control representatives can now view and filter the requests by the requester and requestee, ensuring better management of the requests. Additionally, both the requester and the requestee will receive notifications related to the request, allowing for clear communication and keeping everyone informed.

Termination with Lock
A new option has been introduced to allow a lock to be placed on identities terminated status. This option helps address scenarios where an identity needs to be immediately terminated from the access control system, but those changes will not be updated in the HR feed for a period of time. Enabling the lock option will prevent the HR Feed integration from reactivating the identity if its status has not been updated, by first requiring the identity to be set to terminate before it can be set to active.

Coming Soon…
Additional SMS Notifications for Symmetry GUEST
Native iOS and Android apps for Self-Registration Kiosk

Watch for these enhancements in the next blog.

To learn more about Symmetry GUEST or Symmetry CONNECT, please call 1-800-889-9138.

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