Chip Shortage Affects Credential Production – Is it Time to go Mobile?

The global supply-chain shortage stemming from the pandemic has continuously worsened. It has affected the ability for manufacturers to produce access credentials because they cannot acquire the necessary chips. Ordering replacement cards has become even more difficult and may have a huge impact on lead times causing a disruption in your security program. All varieties of cards are carrying long lead times with some at 10+ weeks and others up to 26 weeks.


Person scanning digital access card to keypad

Now is the time to think about transitioning to a mobile access control solution. AMAG’s Symmetry Blue Bluetooth reader and Symmetry Mobile app provide a frictionless solution that eliminates the need for physical access credentials.


Mobile credentials allow for cards to be phased-out gradually as organizations can use both access cards and a mobile phone to open doors. Symmetry Blue supports a gradual transition as organizations invest in the upgrade as budget allows or to meet specific timelines. Symmetry Mobile can support mobile credentials alongside existing physical credentials.


Going mobile is more affordable as pricing structures have changed. In the past, solutions were only available that charged per credential, making it cost-prohibitive for large companies to migrate. With Symmetry Blue, organizations are charged per reader, immensely reducing the overall investment.


As vaccinations are becoming more prevalent and the world slowly starts getting back to normal, organizations will see many additional benefits of going mobile.


Employees no longer need to go to the badging office, have a photo taken and wait for their card. Replacing lost, stolen or forgotten cards is eliminated, saving time and money. It’s more affordable to issue a temporary mobile credential if someone forgets their card or a visitor needs a card.


Implementing mobile credentials supports Return to Work strategies and compliance with governing authorities. Mobile credentials support physical distancing with frictionless setup. Employees no longer need to physically interact with the security team or visit a badging office to have a photo taken or pick up a card. All devices, photos and credentials are managed from a remote location.


As COVID-19 continues to impact access to worksites, organizations have the need to provide health screenings to employees. With Symmetry Mobile’s form functionality, companies can require that employees respond to a health questionnaire before their physical or mobile credentials are activated. If the employee’s answers do not align with the company’s policies, the employee’s credential can be disabled. An audit trail helps companies remain in compliance.


Does your organization manage more than one access control system? Symmetry Mobile operates with multiple access control systems, making it ideal for large, enterprise end-users who acquire businesses and manage more than one system. It also allows users to store multiple credentials on a phone. Rather than carry multiple cards, users can call up whichever credential they need to access a specific location or building.


Isn’t it time to go mobile?


To learn how easy it is to transition to mobile, please visit or contact the AMAG Sales team.


Updated January 21, 2022


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