AMAG Releases Symmetry CompleteView 7.1.1


AMAG Symmetry CompleteView 7.1.1

AMAG Technology announces the release of its Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System 7.1.1. Symmetry CompleteView offers major advancements in storage, scalability and camera support.


Storage Pools

Symmetry CompleteView 7.1.1 introduces storage pools which can be shared across Symmetry PowerProtect Network Video Recorders. This release also allows for per-camera retention policies and provides new storage dashboards with predictive analytics for proactive storage management. Video is initially stored in the Symmetry PowerProtect NVR. If the NVR reaches maximum capacity, the video storage can overflow into another drive on the network. Users can also combine multiple storage drives into a single pool of storage, providing unmatched flexibility for storage management.


Camera-Based Retention Policies

Set your minimum and maximum storage retention times and prioritize video retention per camera. This flexible storage configuration offers better visibility and control of storage with notifications and enables admins to proactively manage retention of stored video.


Storage Analytics

Administrators can use predictive storage analytics to proactively manage against retention policies. If the system does not meet defined retention policies the system will send early warning notifications along with storage dashboards alerts. This will enable administrators to identify whether the issue lies with a camera, the storage, the recorder, or other factors.


Performance & Scale

Symmetry CompleteView 7.1.1 supports over 100 additional camera models from Axis, Hanwha, Bosch, Panasonic, Speco and other manufacturers.


Customers can now scale to tens of thousands of cameras with a single CompleteView Management Server. This industry-leading scalability means simpler deployment architectures and easier maintenance.


For more information about Symmetry CompleteView, please contact your sales representative.


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