AMAG Offers Physical Logical Access Interoperability (PLAI) for Symmetry

AMAG Technology now offers the Symmetry PLAI Adapter for Symmetry Access Control. The PLAI Adapter is available to organizations that have mixed access control systems or are non-Symmetry users. It allows the different access control systems to share user and access card data between them. Employees will have one card that works in all of the company’s facilities instead of having multiple cards for different facilities.


AMAG Symmetry PLAI Adapter for Symmetry Access Control


PLAI relies on an agent to normalize employee identification information. The Employer Director System (for example, Active Directory) manages permissions and changes are automatically synchronized across all Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) platforms. The PLAI Adapter makes adding or removing permissions from multiple PACS easy.


The benefits of PLAI:

  • More efficient onboarding process for employees.

  • Instantaneous invoking and revoking of security privileges across disparate PACS.

  • Ability to support logical privileges and physical access in multiple business locations and campuses.

  • Supports temporary access credentials when employees travel to remote sites. Syncs security access with different physical locations.

  • Ability to minimize risk because all logical and physical access privileges are based on a single authoritative source.

AMAG is committed to driving an open standard in the industry and has joined the board of PLAI. We have a policy of providing an API for every product we release to encourage integration, and the PLAI Adaptor supports AMAG’s commitment to openness.


To learn more about the PLAI Adapter, please contact


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