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A visitor is the least vetted person to enter a facility, which is why organizations must act to prevent security nightmares. The future of visitor management is here: Symmetry GUEST, an innovative solution from AMAG Technology™. Designed to streamline and enhance the visitor experience while bolstering security, Symmetry GUEST helps facilities know exactly who is … Read more

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Symmetry Wallet is Ready for You AMAG Technology is announcing the availability of the Symmetry Wallet platform, which provides an entire solution for issuing mobile credentials for Apple and Google Wallet. AMAG Technology provides a complete Wallet issuance solution, including the Symmetry Wallet Platform, Identity Management with Symmetry CONNECT and Access Control with Symmetry Access … Read more

Discover how to pre-register a visitor in Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management system in under 30 seconds! Watch as we demonstrate efficient visitor management with smart defaults and intuitive features. This quick tutorial showcases streamlined processes that could transform your organization’s visitor registration.

Are you stuck in the Stone Ages and still using pen, paper and a clipboard to manage visitors? Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management offers a sleek and efficient check-in process. Visitors get a great experience, and you get control and visibility. Learn more and request a demo at

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Get Your Hosted Solutions Tech Update By Matt MacIntosh, Product Manager Hosted Solutions, AMAG Technology The newest Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management version adds additional text messaging capabilities for visitors.   New Visitor Management Text Messages  In addition to emails, Symmetry GUEST can notify visitors of scheduled visits by text message.  With this enhancement, the administrator can … Read more