“Based on my professional assessment of the systems [JN Bank] was using presently, AMAG’s Symmetry™ System was the clear solution. Symmetry was the most unified, seamless platform that satisfied the various needs.” George Kamalu Video-Access Security Solutions Ltd, Managing Director Jamaica National Bank (JN Bank) is a member-owned bank that has been serving Jamaican business … Read more

Symmetry™ GUEST improves the visitor experience by automating all processes associated with the lifecycle of a visitor, streamlining the journey through the reception area, enforcing compliance and reducing operating costs. Simple to implement and intuitive to use, GUEST will run on any PC, tablet or smartphone, and visitors can easily check in by themselves using … Read more

Symmetry GUEST brings a whole new approach to visitor management, taking advantage of the latest advances in handheld technology. Unlike traditional Visitor Management systems, Symmetry GUEST is focused on improving the Visitor experience, streamlining the journey through the reception area and reducing the cost of visitor services. The system has been specifically designed to be … Read more

Most visitors are largely unknown and have not been vetted prior to their arrival, and different types of visitors, such as contractors, vendors and customers all pose different risk levels to the organization. Managing those identities from check-in to departure is critical to a comprehensive security program. Paper logbooks are inaccurate, do not provide an … Read more