Operate Efficiently

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Symmetry Control Room directs all systems through it, seamlessly integrating Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry CompleteView Video and eliminating the need to bounce from one system to another to manage alarms. The open platform communicates with different technologies coupled with a powerful graphics engine to create the best layout to visualize and efficiently navigate your unified security environment.

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Automated Workflows

Data correlation from all connected systems enables operators to follow pre-configured automated workflows with precise step-by-step instructions for rapid responses when a critical situation occurs. Operating procedures are defined and outlined to provide a safer environment.

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Operate Efficiently

Manage alarms of all installed systems in real-time from a single window. Unify otherwise disparate video management systems and display within the same video wall. 

Advanced Mapping

Multi-layer vector-based maps help users better visualize an environment. Customize graphical interfaces and maps to easily geolocate cameras and other assets to location of alarm for fast and accurate response to an event.

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Migration Made Easy

Control Room brings security together with the use of an SDK, as well as, open standard protocols, such as: Onvif®, SIP, SNMP, BACnet™, Modbus and OPC™. 

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Each operator can get their own personalized graphic user interface according to their roles, providing for simple and efficient navigation of a unified system. 

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Graphic Friendly

Supports many graphic formats, including png, jpg, dwg and pdf, making it easy and flexible to work with existing drawings and graphics or create new ones. 

Easy to Operate

Leverage Video Overlays by adding buttons directly onto a camera’s video stream enabling the operator to easily control devices within the field of view or easily switch from one camera to another when tracking suspects. 

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Customize Action Items

Customize user selectable dropdown menus and submenus to support applicable actions and procedures.  

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Configuration updates with graphics and scripts are reflected dynamically from the Control Room client, eliminating the need to restart the client software.

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