DPD Netherlands Streamlines Depots with Symmetry Security Management System

DPD Netherlands is part of the international DPDgroup. As the largest player in the European parcel-shipping market, DPD transports 7.5 million parcels every day to more than 230 countries worldwide. Driven by year-over-year volume increases, DPD needed to expand its facilities footprint. However, each of its eleven depots had different security systems and installments. Replacing these systems further strengthens the company’s ability to take on additional capacity and remain competitive in the market.

DPD turned to Voskamp Beveiligingstechniek, an internationally recognized security company offering integrated solutions for clients and users of multi-functional buildings, to implement an entirely new security system in DPD’s new Eindhoven location. With an end goal of creating one centralized security operations center connecting all depots, DPD needed a cohesive security system that could be integrated into each location.

The Challenge
Due to the scope of DPD’s operations, streamlining and centralizing its security across all facilities would be a significant undertaking. Voskamp identified AMAG Technology™ as the only manufacturer that could offer a comprehensive solution due to the proven track record of its unified Symmetry™ Security Management platform. Symmetry solutions have been installed for over 40+ years all over the globe.

“It gets more and more efficient, to have a central security operations center because we have more and more locations every year,” said Anoek van Dooremaal, Compliance, Security & Sustainability Manager at DPD.

Not only were Voskamp and AMAG Technology’s Symmetry solutions necessary to improve DPD’s bottom line, but they were also integral to its ability to operate efficiently. With the Symmetry solutions, DPD is seeking to further extend compliance to TAPA requirements, but also to make security processes and installations more integrated. TAPA sets worldwide benchmarks for supply chain and security resilience. TAPA Security Standards provide guidance, processes and tools to reduce loss exposure, protect assets and save costs. Logistics Service Providers, like DPD, seek to obtain TAPA certification to comply with customer requirements.

In addition, due to the nature of the parcel-shipping industry where a wealth of essential client information is stored and shared between its locations, it is important for DPD to limit the risk of data breaches. The ability of DPD to secure IT server rooms in its warehouses is vital to safeguarding the personal information of its millions of customers across country lines.

Symmetry Implementation
DPD was able to receive TAPA certification. Voskamp’s full integration of AMAG Technology’s solutions supported this in the following ways:

TAPA Requirements Met:
Voskamp installed cameras at two DPD locations, Eindhoven (with 250 cameras) and Amsterdam (with 120 cameras), allowing multiple stakeholders to streamline processes. Utilizing AMAG Technology’s Symmetry system, DPD is planning to have all footages from these cameras relayed to a single security operations center in the future. The security team can now work alongside the health & safety teams by reviewing camera footage to investigate both security and safety incidents in real time.​

“We make use of the Symmetry security system in very efficient ways because we look at it from multiple angles,” said van Dooremaal.

DPD installed AMAG’s Javelin Smart Card Readers in five of its current 11 depots: Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Etten-Leur, Veenendaal and Amsterdam. Each location has between 15 and 40 card readers, at almost every, if not every entry point. The readers allow security personnel to control, monitor and track employee access from any location. This implementation was essential to enhancing and streamlining DPD’s automatic security operations. Additionally, it allows DPD to assign certain rights to an employee’s badge and terminate their access, adding an extra layer of security to these vital areas such as IT server rooms and avoiding unwanted access from former employees.

“AMAG Technology’s card readers provided a simple, yet reliable solution to DPD’s needs that not only enhanced their security capabilities but unified their processes to create a more efficient and user-friendly work environment for personnel,” said Erik Heemstra, CPO/Product Manager, Voskamp Beveiligingstechniek.

DPD has also integrated four Zenitel AlphaCom intercoms along with card readers at its Eindhoven location, six at Amsterdam and five at Rotterdam, connecting visitors or employees that do not have an access card with the security department. With these intercoms, security personnel can interface with visitors from anywhere on the grounds, helping to streamline and unify operations. Because personnel can use the intercoms in conjunction with the Symmetry Access Control, they can more effectively track and guide visitors.

DPD’s hubs required two different intruder detection systems, based on when the facilities were open. Symmetry Access Control was a perfect match for both situations. Most of DPD’s depots close on Sundays and therefore required the Galaxy intruder system integrated with Symmetry to alert authorities in the case of an intrusion when no physical security guards are present. However, AMAG Technology’s Symmetry M2150 controllers were used as the Eindhoven hub intruder panel as the facility remains open every day of the week, meaning security officers do not need to be alerted every time someone opens a door. While both detection systems are operating in different environments, they were unified across locations allowing security personnel to track and respond to intruders efficiently.

The Eindhoven location was Voskamp’s starting point into the implementation of DPD’s network of warehouses and serves as a blueprint for the retrofitting of existing and future hubs. Since the beginning of DPD’s partnership with Voskamp, DPD has gained three additional warehouses, two of which have been fully integrated (Eindhoven and Amsterdam).

Following a risk-based policy, the larger existing hubs were transitioned first, and smaller hubs are being transitioned over time. The company is investigating Eindhoven to be the location of the centralized security operations center.

“We are honored to be chosen to supply DPD Netherlands with Symmetry, an integrated system that can grow with them as they expand,” said Heemstra.

What’s Next
Voskamp’s recommendation of AMAG’s Symmetry system was tailored to DPD’s goal of integrating a future proof system that can scale with DPD’s expansion. For this reason, Voskamp and DPD have formed a great partnership, where AMAG Technology’s solutions are expected to continue playing a central role as the international shipper grows.




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