AMAG Technology Adds Analytics to Robust Line of Enterprise and Cloud Solutions

Symmetry Business Intelligence delivers a risk-based approach to analyzing physical access data sets

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Symmetry Business Intelligence analyzes how a person’s access activity is tracked and patterns established based on a risk score methodology. Anomalous behavior may raise a person’s score, and high-risk identities are flagged in a dashboard.


Dashboards within Symmetry Business Intelligence provide the security team with an at-a-glance look at identities with the highest risk scores. Scores are generated based on the reader location, time of day and a user’s access patterns. Symmetry Business Intelligence helps to easily identify the employees, contractors and other identities that may pose the highest risk to a company.


“Symmetry Business Intelligence highlights anomalous behavior, helping organizations discover unauthorized access patterns and possible threats worthy of further investigation,” said AMAG Technology, COO, Howard Johnson. “It’s a natural extension of any security program.”


Keeping in line with AMAG’s commitment to providing open solutions, Symmetry Business Intelligence has been designed from the ground up to easily integrate with other systems. Over the past five years, AMAG has released Symmetry CONNECT identity management, Symmetry GUEST visitor management and Symmetry incident management, all open, cloud-based security systems designed to provide more flexibility and options for the end-user.


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