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Symmetry Access Control allows you to decide who goes where and when while protecting critical areas throughout your organization. As the backbone of your security system, Symmetry provides an all-encompassing view of your security program, preparing you to make the right decisions and respond quickly. Proactively respond to threats, lockdown doors or buildings and implement pre-determined workflows so you’re always prepared.

National Constitution Center
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AMAG’s Symmetry system offered the flexibility we were looking for. It monitors everything, allows numerous different inputs, and integrates with different turnstiles. We didn’t have to go in one direction with products that were forced on us by someone’s proprietary system

Timothy Jaroch [Managing General Partner, Constitution Center]

Symmetry Access Control has stood the test of time securing organizations for over 40 years. 

Symmetry Access Control can grow with your organization as needs change and expand, and operate with our complete Symmetry platform to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and reduce costs.

Authorize access to the right people at the right time, ensuring a safe environment for your employees, assets and buildings.

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Intuitive and Versatile

Symmetry Access Control is an intuitive and versatile access control solution that scales from single location businesses to large, multi-site organizations situated across the globe. It helps manage the flow of people throughout your site, whether it’s a high security environment, government regulated property or open campus setting.

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Make Better Business Decisions

Symmetry Access Control provides data to help you make better business decisions. Determine if office space is effectively used or if there is excess traffic in high secure areas.

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Unified Security Platform

Symmetry Access Control is the foundation for the unified Symmetry Platform, which enables you to deploy access control, video, visitor management, identity management, and incident and case management to meet compliance and reduce costs, all while protecting your organization against emerging risks.

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