Tracking Behavior Improves Campus Security

Yale University Adds Symmetry Business Intelligence 

Symmetry Business Intelligence is the tool that shows us abnormal behavior on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so we can investigate occurrences to prevent crime and ensure our people, property and assets are safe

David Boyd

Director of Strategic Planning & Management for Public Safety, Yale University

Yale University is committed to improving the world through outstanding research and education. The large campus in New Haven, Connecticut is home to 16,127 students, 4,739 faculty, 450 buildings, and nuclear and biological research facilities, including laboratories conducting COVID-19 research. AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Business Intelligence strengthened Yale University’s security program by using its existing Symmetry Access Control data via a risk score methodology to identify individuals who demonstrate anomalous behavior. Symmetry Business Intelligence enables Yale’s security team to define sensitivity settings around people, specific locations and times of the day and night.  The Symmetry tool collects the data, generates a rating based on the activity compiled determining if it is an anomalous event and displays it in a report for the security team to evaluate and action if necessary. 

Monitoring and knowing if the right people are entering and exiting the research facilities is one of Yale’s biggest challenges. The team must also be able to identify if items are stolen or if sensitive equipment is removed without proper approvals. Yale’s security team runs a daily Symmetry Business Intelligence report and continuously communicates with the owners of those facilities to flag and investigate anomalous behavior. Using Artificial Intelligence, as the system captures transaction data over time it becomes smarter. With 800,000 daily access card transactions, Symmetry Business Intelligence will help Yale reduce thefts and improve campus safety overall.

Symmetry Business Intelligence helps us identify the weaknesses in our security system. Several areas of our research facilities are highly regulated and require careful monitoring and protection. Symmetry Business Intelligence allows us to establish sensitivity settings around people, locations and dates and times of these critical locations. If someone tries to enter a sensitive location during unusual times, Symmetry Business Intelligence alerts our team in a report

Steve Donnelly

Manager of Access Control & ID Centers, Yale University


  • Need to track anomalous behavior in nuclear and biological research facilities and all sensitive areas.

  • Electronic and physical theft on campus.

  • The previous tool did not provide sufficient data and analytics to improve the security of sensitive information and equipment.

  • Changes in government regulations required additional safety precautions be deployed.


  • Set risk scores around people, locations, and areas and times with Symmetry Business Intelligence.

  • Symmetry Business Intelligence provides data for police investigations and complements the public safety department.

  • Symmetry Business Intelligence ingests transaction data over time providing better results the longer it is used.

  • Symmetry Business Intelligence shows students who have tried to return to the dorms when they were closed, and it identifies buildings that may need extra sanitizing due to people who gained access or tried to gain access.


  • Symmetry Business Intelligence flags individuals with abnormal behavior using a risk score methodology so the security team can take action.

  • Symmetry Business Intelligence speeds up police investigations and helps prevent crime.

  • Improved data collection over time helps Yale make better decisions, improving campus security. 

  • Proper authorities can rectify situations where students attempted to gain unauthorized access, and additional sanitizing can be scheduled to remain compliant with government (COVID-19) regulations.

Symmetry Business Intelligence will give us the edge to identify areas where suspicious activity is occurring and help us prevent crime on campus

Bill Goldbach

Assistant Director, Public Safety Systems, Yale University

A risk score is associated with the location (reader), the person(cardholder) and the day and time. The system shows outputs of activity sorted by the score to identify risky or suspicious behavior on campus. Symmetry Business Intelligence shows why it made that determination, which provides more information for the security team to take action if necessary and to make better decisions in the future.

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