Symmetry Partner Program
Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions of the
Symmetry Partner Program. 

  1. Partner Contact Details
    Partners are required to provide and maintain the contact details of employees whom AMAG may need to contact as part of the Symmetry Partner Program (SPPP). It is the responsibility of the partner to keep AMAG informed of contact changes.

  2. Joining the Program
    AMAG retains the right to accept or reject an application to the SPPP. Applicants will be informed of the decision within 10 working days of receipt of the application submission. Please also note that membership of the program is product (integration) based – not company based. Therefore each integration must have its own active membership.


  3. NDA
    Under the terms of the mutual NDA, any software, APIs or licenses received as part of the SPPP must not, under any circumstances, be passed on to any company or end user other than companies engaged by the partner to develop the integration. Failure to comply will result in a non-refundable termination of the SPPP membership.


  4. Program Fees and Payments
    The fees for joining the SPPP are laid out on the SPPP online application form. These fees are non-negotiable and are subject to change at AMAG’s discretion. Should the cost of membership change at any point, AMAG will provide one month’s notice to the primary program contact specified on the partner’s application or as updated in accordance with section “1. Partner Contact Details”. Any changes to fees will be reflected at the next renewal period. All SPPP payments are processed in the United Kingdom.


  5. Obtaining Software
    Software, APIs and licenses are available to the partner once the initial joining fee has been paid. Versions of Symmetry released prior to the last version, of the previous major Symmetry release, are considered legacy versions of Symmetry and will not be provided by AMAG.


  6. Integration Limitations
    All integrations created by SPPP members should only interface with Symmetry products using pre-defined APIs; more information on this can be found on the SPPP application form. Any integration that does not adhere to the defined methods of integrating will not be certified by AMAG.


  7. Development Support
    All support requests during the development of the integration must be directed through the SPPP team who will then coordinate with other AMAG departments on behalf of the partner. Partners should attempt to resolve issues using the provided documentation and troubleshooting information before contacting the SPPP team for support. For XML based integrations, the SPPP team can only provide support for integrations coded in C#. Integrations coded in alternative programming languages can still go through the AMAG certification process, provided the development language is supported by Microsoft and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services.


  8. Partner’s Hardware for Certification
    AMAG may require the partner’s hardware on loan to use during the certification – if this is the case AMAG will notify the partner once they’ve been added to the certification queue. It is the responsibility of the partner to cover the costs of any customs or duty fees/tax incurred during shipping - certification cannot commence until any outstanding fees have been settled by the partner.


  9. Certification
    Once an integration has been certified, it will be added to AMAG’s Symmetry Integration Matrix and integrated partners webpage. AMAG will only perform certifications against the current major Symmetry release and the last version of the previous major Symmetry release


  10. Joint Marketing
    All certified partner products are automatically listed on AMAG's integrated products web page and the Symmetry Integration Matrix, both of which are publicly accessible. If requested, newly certified partners will be announced on the AMAG blog. At AMAG's discretion partners may be invited to participate in joint press releases; partners can also initiate their own publicity opportunities by contacting AMAG’s Head of Marketing Communications.


  11. Mutual logo usage
    Joining the SPPP allows AMAG to use the logo of the partner company, for marketing purposes and technical documentation, upon successful certification of the partner product. It also gives the partner company the right to use the AMAG logo for marketing purposes for the certified product, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


  12. Technical Support
    AMAG technical support is only available to active SPPP members and the integration versions certified by the SPPP. Assistance and guidance may be provided to both the partner company and the customer to help resolve any issues. Defects originating in the AMAG APIs will be addressed by AMAG. Issues with integrations are the responsibility of the partner company to investigate and resolve.


  13. Outstanding Invoices
    If a partner’s invoice payment is overdue by two months or more, AMAG reserves the right to terminate the SPPP membership. AMAG will provide one month’s notice in advance of the termination and every opportunity will be given to the partner to settle the outstanding balance. During the period where an invoice is unpaid, the partner company will not receive any benefits of the partner program. AMAG will issue confirmation of the termination and the effective termination date. The SPPP service continues upon successful clearance of any outstanding fees.


  14. Leaving the Program
    If a partner company wishes to leave the program, notice must be given to AMAG during their current membership year. If the partner company has received their renewal invoice before their current year of membership has expired, AMAG will cancel the invoice and the partner company will not be charged. Partners who have left the program and wish to rejoin, will be charged the current joining fee if more than two calendar months have elapsed since the termination date.


  15. Changes to the Terms & Conditions
    The Terms & Conditions in this document are subject to change. When changes are made all partners will be notified by AMAG at least 2 weeks in advance of the updated Terms & Conditions becoming active. Current and updated Terms & Conditions can be found at the following link: