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Update Legacy

For organizations needing a replacement

for their “sunsetted” Casi Rusco access control system, the Symmetry SR system provides a simple, cost effective migration solution. Eliminating the complex, expensive process of a rip and replace, Symmetry SR delivers an easy to deploy pin-for-pin replacement that re-uses existing card readers, wiring and badge populations. You simply need to switch out the controllers, which takes only minutes per controller. When you choose Symmetry SR, upgrades are inexpensive, quick and seamless, and employees and staff won’t even notice the changeover in systems.

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The Story of SR

The Story of SR

Symmetry SR Case Studies

University of Nevada

After learning how easy it was going to be to upgrade their old access control system to the Symmetry SR Retrofit solution, and how they would save thousands if not millions of dollars if they converted their entire campus, UNR decided to move forward.

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Cambridge Health Alliance 

CHA upgraded to AMAG Technology’s Symmetry
SR System and Symmetry CompleteView Video Management system. The SR system allows CHA to use its existing wiring infrastructure,
enclosures, card readers and cards, which saves thousands of dollars. 

Blank Rome

The Symmetry SR Retrofit solution offered an easy and affordable upgrade path for Blank Rome. They could keep their existing hardware, saving thousands of dollars, and upgrade
to a state-of-the-art access control system that would expand as their company grew. 

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