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Where your customers see an end, we see a beginning.

Breathe new life into legacy security.

Your customers’ Casi-Rusco system has been left behind by others, but not by AMAG’s Symmetry SR. In fact, AMAG is the only provider in the world with a supported transition plan. We stand firm, providing smart solutions to keep this legacy system going strong. And for a limited time, you can offer your customers a huge savings opportunity. When they purchase a Symmetry SR panel, they get a second one FREE.


How can you be a hero to your customers?

Legacy Gaps

Prepare your clients for what's ahead with Symmetry SR

Smooth Shift

Easily migrate from an outdated panel with Symmetry SR's precise fit

Smart Savings

Provide an affordable option with our
BOGO offer


Adapt and grow with Symmetry SR

"We swapped out the old Casi Micro 5 boards and retrofitted the existing enclosures with the SR Controller boards."

Scott Wilson  |  Gorrie Regan, Vice President

Take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

Act Fast: Help your customers solve one of their toughest security challenges. Contact an AMAG team member today using this form.

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