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Symmetry is a flexible and well designed Access Control System which is a great choice for organizations of any size. Symmetry software, door controllers and card readers combine into a very flexible and cost effective solution.



Symmetry is used by various airports of different sizes across the USA and worldwide. Five of these are featured in published Case Studies.

Airports require unique functionality (such as Jetway control) and many of the advanced features such as video integration which come as standard in Symmetry.
Symmetry can scale to suit any size airport (the largest Symmetry systems have upwards of 10,000 doors!).

Symmetry uses the latest highly resilient software architectures to provide high availability through clustering, virtualization and other techniques.

Symmetry software is Microsoft certified and is packed with features designed for complex high security environments like airports. It also works with every standard biometric and smart card reader available on the market today


Arts & Culture

Security can be a challenge in Museums, Art Galleries and Theatres as they are in essence largely public spaces and security needs to be effective but discrete. Symmetry is used in a variety of different cultural venues in the USA and across Europe. There are published museum case studies and more information can be made available on request about other Symmetry installations.
The integration between video, alarms and access control provided by Symmetry provides an accurate evidence

trail and more importantly allows a much more proactive response to incidents as they develop as a result of the real-time integration.

Symmetry works with all of the latest security technologies including advance video content analytics which can be very relevant in both museums and theatres.


Business Services

Restricting access by employees to certain areas at specific times of day is a key requirement to protect information and assets. Symmetry achieves just that for thousand of organizations across the world, using the latest secure smart  card technologies. The perimeter between public and private areas can be controlled in many different ways including turnstiles and elevator control, and contractors and other temporary employees and visitors can be handled professionally and securely.
Symmetry software provides very powerful employee management tools at assist building management and HR teams, and reporting and audit trails - with the

optional use of integrated video – ensure that all movements are tracked.

Symmetry is a long term choice for any organization and is designed from the ground up to adapt and change with your organization as it grows and reorganizes across any number of facilities in one country or across the world. Many different published case studies are available to help understand how Symmetry has been deployed across various organizations.



Symmetry is a long standing proven security solution for many education facilities from regional school districts through to esteemed university campuses. Understanding educational facilities have to secure their staff, students and assets while maintaining  a relatively 'open' environment is the challenge.

The integrated nature and in-built features of Symmetry such as the bulk amendments capability enable system administrators to quickly and efficiently process large numbers of card holders.
Where campuses are widespread with weak perimeters, which is common for universities, Symmetry enables access control functionality to be integrated with alarm functions, identity management and video surveillance to increase security without students feeling trapped.
Symmetry can provide Lock-down capabilities and teacher emergency call buttons. 

Emergency Services

Multiple sites with 24 hour access requirements and a need for total reliability characterise the security requirements of many emergency services worldwide. The Symmetry access control system is used extensively by major response organizations worldwide including police and fire services and other emergency first responders. A  number of published case studies are available and other major customers are available as references.

The integration power of Symmetry can be used for sophisticated solutions with key safes, secure doors and barriers, fence detection systems and many other types of security equipment.

The Symmetry Safety Roll Call capability ensures an electronic register of employees on site can be checked at any point, and there are many other safety related features within the Symmetry software.

Employee badges can be created automatically with multiple designs according to the personal attributes of the employee, and badges can be automatically disabled when certain defined dates expire such as training certifications or other permits.


Financial Services

Compliance with government business sector regulation is critical within Banking and the Financial Services sector as a whole. Symmetry is used by a variety of different organizations in this sector due to unique capabilities around auditing access credentials and because it is a highly professional system designed with a complete range of capabilities and features for complex and demanding organizations.
We can provide details of existing Symmetry customers on request.

Symmetry’s capability to combine Access Control with Alarms, Video, Identity Management and Visitor Management in a single system makes is it a system of choice for large organizations with demanding security requirements.


Oil & Gas

Safety is key in both upstream and downstream production facilities and Symmetry combines security with safety features in a way that has met the needs of many organizations in the oil and gas sector.
From the moment employees, contractors and visitors arrive for the first time they can be provided with an identity credential which can be automatically color coded with special icons according to their skills and place of work.
Their credential can be set to expire when the first of multiple different training and certification dates expire. In the event of evacuations or other safety events employees can be mustered quickly and accurately through a Safety Roll Call.
Symmetry Access Control is scalable, flexible and follows all the latest standard for software design and integration capability using XML Web Services.


Whether it is working with the US Government PIV Smart Card or some other secure government credential, the Symmetry Access Control System is the choice worldwide of many government agencies, departments and parliaments.

In addition to the relevant UL and EN standards, Symmetry is certified to various specific high security standards required by the US and UK governments, and is used in many very high profile locations worldwide.

Symmetry uses a completely up-to-date software architecture, ease to use and extremely powerful Microsoft certified application software, and supports card readers and door controllers which offer resilient distributed intelligence for all environmental conditions and scales of operation.




In today’s society, a Hospital’s security is a high priority, and all staff need to be as vigilant as ever in identifying and reacting quickly to suspect behavior. More and more serious incidents and attacks are taking place within Healthcare environments.

AMAG Technology has considerable experience within the healthcare sector, in particular migrating from existing systems and integrating multiple sites to create a centrally managed security system across an IP network infrastructure.

Hospitals must develop a comprehensive Security Management Plan to effectively support and maintain protection for patients, staff and visitors. Such programs cover the various security needs in layers: the first layer being the perimeter-monitoring and controlling how people get in and out. The second layer is the actual buildings on site. The third layer is sensitive areas within the buildings that need protection.


Security of People and Assets really matters in a manufacturing environment, and Symmetry combines many capabilities to ensure that people’s locations are capable of being controlled accurately by time of day and that any security breaches or any other incidents are capable of being dealt with and investigated within seconds.
By integrating access control and alarms with security video, Symmetry turns video into a proactive tool capable of detecting and dealing with incident as they occur rather than when it is too late after the event has long finished.

This can keep people safe and protect your raw materials, finished stock and other assets.

A number of published case studies show how Symmetry has been deployed in manufacturing facilities. Symmetry is installed by more than 30,000 organizations in over 90 countries.


Military & Defense

Hundreds of military bases and other defence and intelligence assets around the world are protected by the Symmetry Access Control and Security Management System. In addition to some very specific testing and certification to military and government specific standard, Symmetry is a system of choice in these markets due to the advance software design and architecture, and the very deep feature set which has been tested in some of the most arduous environments around the world.

For the US military Symmetry is used in many  SCIF environments meeting the requirements DCID6/9

Large military and defense office complexes use Symmetry due to its reliability, its scalability capable of dealing with the world’s largest buildings, and the high security features for badging and access control including use of high security biometrics such as Iris readers.


Protecting research and other intellectual property, production lines and warehousing facilities holding often high value, and sometimes potentially dangerous or licensed materials means that good security and access control in particular is a necessity for pharmaceutical manufacturers and research facilities.

Symmetry is a very good all round solution for access control and integrated security requirements wherever your facilities are located in the world.

Cost effective to deploy, there are over 300 factory trained Symmetry Certified Reseller organizations in over 90 countries worldwide.

Integration between Access Control, Security Video and Alarm Management are widely used by existing Symmetry customers in the Pharmaceutical sector.


The wide open spaces of port facilities are perhaps not widely thought of as a traditional location for access control systems, but Symmetry is widely deployed in some of the largest ports in the USA and around the world. Ports always have secure perimeters and are often immigration and customs points so there is  significant need to control who and what can go where and when.
Symmetry integrates with fence detection systems, gates, barriers, turnstiles, various types of sensor and network

video cameras including those with video content analytics.

Employee access to ports is controlled in just the same way as any other place of employment and whether the employee or contractor has a US issued TWIC smart card or some other form of credential, it can always operate with the Symmetry system. 



Data Centers with shared and hosted facilities managed by some of the world’s largest providers, and major data and voice communications companies are large scale users of Symmetry Access Control and Security Management Systems.

Clearly security is key in these environments and Symmetry’s flexibility, in-depth features and advanced software and hardware architecture ensure that it is often the product of choice for major deployments worldwide. In shared facilities partitioning of the whole system or of access rights is essential and this can be carried out

down to cage or rack level with a variety of alternative methods of operation with the use of smart cards and biometrics if required.
Symmetry’s audit trail and in-depth integration with Security Video (which is included as standard in the Symmetry software)  ensure that any discrepancies or other issues can be tracked back. Multiple published data center case studies are available.


A number of large electricity generation and distribution organizations use Symmetry worldwide to protect their facilities. In the USA this is often because Symmetry can create a NERC compliant solution. The system is widely used in Nuclear, Oil and Coal fired and Hydro-electric generation facilities.  Symmetry is also used by water and  gas distribution organizations both public and privately owned.
Symmetry provides a comprehensive security solution and is particularly good at protecting Critical National Infrastructure facilities in the USA and various countries around the world. Symmetry can protect everything from remote unmanned sites with single gates or doors through to large generation plants with high security access requirements and protected fence-lines.  Relevant case studies are available and other industry references can be provided.