Upgrades don’t have to be costly, disruptive or lengthy. Symmetry is a proven solution with the most sophisticated migration tools on the market enabling you to convert card holder records and sometimes the complete system design into a clean Symmetry database eliminating the prospect of having to set up your system again.

Most of the time, when upgrading from a legacy system to Symmetry, you can keep your existing card readers and your physical wiring infrastructure to reduce cost — you simply need to switch out the controllers. Of course if you want to upgrade everything you can, but the choice remains with you.

Our expert Professional Services team can assist your installer by helping with system design, professional services during implementation and lifecycle management for the entire life of the system.


Our Excellent Customer Service ethos is based on a comprehensive, quality product, tailored solutions, transparent costs, simple and efficient installation, plus we keep our promises!

Talk to our team NOW and find out how easy the process can be! Inquire about this product now ... Symmetry SR Controllers Range of Symmetry controllers developed as a retrofit solution to Casi Rusco Picture Perfect installations. Symmetry Access Control Symmetry Access Control system is the powerful, user friendly solution for any size organization.

upgrade legacy systems

If your access control system is old or inadequate, and you want to move to a new state of the art solution, we know you are looking for a simple, hassle free process

What People Say

"Their Symmetry software is state-of-the-art and years ahead of our current access control platform"
David Nevins, Associate Director of Project Management- Yale University Security (Jan. 2014)

"The Symmetry SR system is working well and the security staff finds it easy to use — they like it a lot. The user friendliness of the system drew me to Symmetry. The system is easier to learn"
Shane Sanders, Assistant Director of Engineering Services - DCH Regional Medical Center (May 2013)

"After a couple of days I realized – a lot of things are a million times easier in Symmetry."
Greg Remillet - 10 year Casi Rusco Trainer [now with AMAG] (March 2013)

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