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Symmetry Starter
This course provides training in the basics of Access Control as well as the basics of the Symmetry Security Management System for a single site. This course is designed to teach the fundamental skills required to install and perform initial programming of the Symmetry “Access Control” Security Management System.

New Symmetry Essentials 
This course will provide in-depth instruction on the initial setup, various standard configuration topics, and software troubleshooting techniques of the Symmetry Security Management System for a single site. A hands-on practical test and a written exam will be administered for certification.

New Symmetry Advanced
This course is to familiarize Symmetry Certified Technicians (which may include Installation Technicians, Service Technicians, and Project Managers) and/or any AMAG/G4S associates wishing to increase their knowledge on the more advanced and integration features of the Symmetry Security Management System software and hardware products. This course includes various optional configurations and the guidelines for maximizing the Symmetry systems. An exam will be taken on the last day for certification purposes.

Symmetry Essentials v8
Successful completion of the Symmetry Essentials training course allows resellers priority support and technical bulletins amongst other benefits.

Symmetry Advanced v8
Successful completion of the Advanced course qualifies resellers for priority support, proactive technical bulletins and additional program benefits.

End User System Administrator
Introduction to the new Symmetry CompleteView Video Management Solution.

Symmetry CompleteView VMS
Features and capabilities of the Symmetry System, including configuration, basic maintenance and troubleshooting. Management products here.

Focused on introducing end users to Symmetry Version 7 and provides them with hands-on instruction of the day-to-day tasks of operating the system.
Introduction to the Symmetry Hardware, focusing on installation and servicing of hardware required in a Security Management System.

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