Security and safety incidents occur everyday at the workplace, and organizations must proactively investigate and manage them before they escalate into unmanageable and sometimes public predicaments that impact their brand and reputation. Whether it’s a defective light bulb in a parking garage or an active shooter in a lobby, incidents must be properly managed, investigated, analyzed and documented so companies can take the appropriate actions. Understanding how security officers conduct activities throughout a day can help an organization create efficiencies and save money.

By documenting incidents using logic driven reporting and shared information, Security Directors can determine if current processes are effective or if changes are needed. Workflows that enforce compliance with company policies, along with combining data from other security platforms, can improve communication and increase response time. Reallocating resources based on data capture could save hours of work per month and thousands of dollars a year. 

Incident and Case Management

RISK360 enables users to automate, investigate, analyze and document incidents so businesses can make informed decisions to operate efficiently, save money, mitigate risk and enforce compliance.

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