Symmetry Security Management Software

Symmetry Security Management Systems are designed to operate with every type and size of organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multinational corporations.

Symmetry Business

Symmetry Business is a cost effective access control solution for smaller applications. Available only in the US and Canada, Symmetry Business uses the EN series controllers and works with Symmetry CompleteView Video Management to provide a complete security solution.

Symmetry Professional

Symmetry Professional Access Control Software is ideal for medium to large enterprise organizations that use a corporate network. Supporting up to 512 card readers and nine clients, it provides alarm management, easy bading and card administration and optional modules, as well as operates with Symmetry CompleteView VMS. Its open architecture allows it to integrate with all Symmetry Preferred Partner solutions providing customers a complete security management system.

Symmetry Enterprise

Symmetry Enterprise Access Control Software is designed for large organizations with complex security requirements.  Whether you have one large building or several facilities located across a campus or the globe, Symmetry Enterprise supports unlimited card readers, card holders and clients, and allows you to control your security from one location. Operating on the network, the software integrates with all Symmetry Preferred Partner solutions, and a full range of optional software modules can enhance the system to meet any security need.

Symmetry Global

Symmetry Global Access Control Software provides organizations with several dispersed locations the ability to secure buildings independently, yet disseminate centralized administration, card management and alarm handling. Organizations can assign cards and access rights to multiple sites, streamlining card management.  Any failure of the corporate network still allows regional systems to be operational at a local level. Global fully integrates with all Symmetry optional software modules and Symmetry Preferred Partner solutions.

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