Situational Awareness

Symmetry provides powerful Situational Awareness capabilities combining Access Control and many advanced integrated security features including Alarm Management, Graphics and Video Management

AMAG Technology

Symmetry combines advanced Access Control Software, Door Controllers, Card Readers and network IP Security Cameras into a uniquely powerful Security Management System which provides advanced Situational Awareness and Command & Control capabilities while being extremely easy to learn and use.

Most security systems for larger organizations now include integration between Access Control and other security technologies. Symmetry includes such a wide range of advanced integration features and software integrations that it is used by some of the largest organizations in the most secure environments around the world.

There are more than 30,000 Symmetry systems installed across the world, in over 20 languages – more than any other Security Management System. Trained and Certified Symmetry installers are in place in every city across the USA and in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Symmetry is available in several versions all of which share the same essential features and scale from small to the very largest systems. Find out more about the different versions HERE.

  • Very flexible well designed software
  • Comprehensive Access Control System
  • Fully integrated Video Management
  • Advanced Situational Awareness functions
  • Employee, Contractor & Visitor Administration
  • Comprehensive Alarm Management features
  • Graphical Map interface
  • Extensive Command & Control capability
  • Full integration of Video with Alarms and Events
  • Symmetry Homeland US Government version
  • Wide range of software and hardware integrations
  • Comprehensive software triggers and commands
  • Advanced security features for multi-site organizations, military and government
  • Highly resilient Symmetry door controllers
  • Works with any smart card, card reader or biometric
  • Meets standards for any IP LAN, WAN or VPN network
  • Unlimited expansion capability

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