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Access Control 

Symmetry Access Control software is uniquely easy to use but packed with features that allow it to expand from Access Control for a small office or college all the way up to some of the largest and most secure Security Management Systems deployed worldwide.
AMAG Technology

CompleteView Video Management

The user friendly, intuitive Video Management software provides a comprehensive set of integrated video control features including per-camera configuration of all video streaming and recording parameters, advanced PTZ control on event, live / recorded video, and simultaneous support for multiple video formats.
AMAG Technology

symmetry connect

Policy based software that helps organizations meet audit and compliance requirements through identity authentication and automated reporting. The software seamlessly integrates information on people, buildings and assets to create a clean, single version of the truth which can drive any or all of the solutions for security, safety, facilities and crisis management. 
AMAG Technology

symmetry guest

Unlike traditional Visitor Management systems, Symmetry GUEST is focused on improving the Visitor experience, streamlining the journey through the reception area and reducing the cost of visitor services. Simple to implement and intuitive to use, it will run on any PC, tablet or smartphone without the need for any local hardware or installation.
AMAG Technology

Symmetry Security Appliance

The Symmetry Security Appliance is a powerful all in one security appliance that delivers access control and video management together for smaller organizations needing an integrated security management system. Simple to install and affordable, the out-of-the-box solution supports eight doors and 16.
Sym Security Appliance

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