Myrtle Beach Airport

  • 03 Nov 2015 10:46

Myrtle Beach International Airport Upgrades to Symmetry Security Management System

Myrtle Beach International Airport serves over 1.5 million travelers each year to and from one of the most popular golfing destinations in the United States. To accommodate the growth the area has experienced, the airport replaced its legacy security system, which was no longer servicing its needs with AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Enterprise Security Management System, intelligent field hardware and smart card readers with bidirectional encryption. Based on scalability, ease of use and operation, along with the lower cost of maintaining the system, they chose AMAG’s Symmetry Securirty Management System, integrated with NetDVMS digital video recording platform from On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) to provide a powerful IP-centric solution.Airport officials highlighted how secure the system was from end to end and the enhanced video integration that the new system offered. They replaced their old analogue video system with a digital system that is seamlessly integrated to Symmetry at a high level through the software. The IP security solution is one of the first all digital security systems in the southeastern United States.

Identity Verification
Myrtle Beach implemented an extensive identity verification system to confirm a person’s identity before allowing them onto the airport ramp. When a person swipes their access credential at a gate, a camera automatically turns and locks onto the face of that person. The person’s face appears on the SMS screen in the command center where a security operator can compare the camera view with the picture captured in the Symmetry software. I f it matches, the security operator allows the person to enter his or her PIN and grant access through the gate. The AMAG system has approximately 100 smartcard readers with PIN to control access to the security identification display area (SIDA), which includes the baggage belts, bag make-up, all perimeter gates, general aviation area and access to the fuel farm.

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